I like anything and everything having to do with producing creative and pleasing visual imagery whether it be in the form of clothes, photography, or video.  Actually, I enjoy any artistic format.

My fascination with clothes began at an early age when I would twirl around in my grandma's petticoats.  My adoration of vintage clothing grew as I watched musicals which were almost always set in a time period with wardrobes consisting of wondrous things such as bustles and top hats.  This fascination strengthened as I spent my high school days cleaning out my family's farmhouse which housed intriguing clothing finds.

Photography was something I always enjoyed but really fell in love with in college.  In addition to loving fashion and fashion photography, I also have a passion for writing.  I attribute my writing skills to my dad who was a great writer and the person who I always went to when I needed help with words.  Even though he's no longer here to give me advice and proofread things for me, his creativity lives on inside me.  Thank you Dad.

This blog is a result of my love of all things creative.  It combines my passions for clothes, photography, and writing all in one.  But this isn't meant to be a blog all about me (that's just what this about me section is for.)  I write and create this blog for those interested in local Austin fashion.  Austin is a beautiful city bustling with creative people and creative fashion.  I love this city.  Everyone knows that "Keep Austin Weird" is our slogan.  Supporting local business is important to our town because we want to preserve everything that makes our city unique and cool.  My blog focuses on the fashion part of keeping austin weird, which is why I call it "keep austin stylish."


Featured in The Horn on Feb.3, 2011

Featured in Austin Spark on June 22, 2010