Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recap: Tribeza Style Week Fashion Show

Tribeza Style Week may have kicked off with an all men's fashion show, but the pinnacle of the week was the main Fashion Show which featured mostly female looks from Saks Fifth Avenue, The Garden Room, Underwear, Adelante, Peyton's Place, Missbehave, Service Menswear, c.jane, Valentine's Too,  Julian Gold, and Estilo.

There were several pieces that came down the runway that I thought were really beautiful, and there were 2 main trends that I noticed at this show:

1) Fur vests
2) Shiny metallic and sparkles


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

South First Fashion Show

Mana Culture, the small local South Austin boutique, is hosting a jungle themed fashion show this Friday.  This show is a charitable event for Cause to Celebrate.  What is Cause to Celebrate?  It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting local Austin businesses and charities through fun unique events.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recap: Rock + Runway Show

It may have been the first day of Fall, but the night was still balmy when Austinites gathered at ND at 501 Studios to celebrate men’s fashion.  Tribeza Style Week kicked off last Wednesday with the the Rock + Runway Men’s Show which presented the newest looks from three local stores - Service MenswearEstilo,  and Stag.

While images of Austin street-scapes flicked on a wall, models walked the runway showing off modern Ivy League looks mixed with sleek hipster-wear. Sweaters of all shapes and weights were featured along with jackets, sneakers, and midi-boots.

Cords and denim were popular pant choices. Many of the models wore a necktie or scarf. Plaids and 80s inspired prints were popular for shirts and some sport coats. Earth-tones were very prominent. Dain Higdon, owner of the Texas Clothier, commented that the look was a throw back to the traditional styles of the 1920s and 1930s, reinterpreted with a slimmer cut and modern details. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

JR Salon Walk Off

This Saturday the second annual Walk Off hosted by JR Salon took place.  Boutiques and designers were paired up with salons to create some unique looks.  Here's a behind the scenes and up close and personal look at one of the models from the show:

Design by Anslee of Savannah Red, body paint by Michelle of On The Spot Body Art, hair by Sirens Salon

Doesn't she look like some sort of sexy version of a fairytale character from a Disney movie?
Thank you Anslee for the video!

keep austin stylish

Saturday, September 25, 2010

STYLE Watch: Tribeza Fashion Show

What: Tribeza Fashion Show

When: Sept. 24, 2010
The owners of Feather's

Friday, September 24, 2010

An Urban Menagerie

I'ts been really dreary in Austin lately.  But I've been day dreaming of colorful prints and patterns.  I've really gotten into the idea of mixing and matching prints, patterns and colors that you might not normally think of matching together.  Sometimes it's nice to keep your outfit as unexpected as the rain.
All the clothes and accessories seen here are available for purchase in your local boutiques.

Bow headband: Blackbird, Top: SoLa, Suspenders: Blackbird, Skirt: SoLa, Thigh highs: Blackbird, Shoes: Stella Says Go

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recycled Fashion Show

Austin is just so damn cool.  I love that recycled fashion has become a big trend here.  Actually "trend" isn't really the right word to use because I don't see recycled fashion going out of style anytime soon.

The Recycled Fashion Show was started in 2007 as a benefit for The Treasure City Thrift Store to encourage the reuse of materials in the Austin community.  The show takes place this Sunday and will feature looks from 10 talented designers.  If you missed the Treasure City Thrift Fashion Show that took place in June, then you will get to see some of those same looks from that show on Sunday.

If you went to the Treasure City Thrift Fashion Show then you might be wondering why you should come to this Recycled Fashion Show on Sunday.  There are a couple of reasons:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stella Says Get Some Discounts

Starting today, the awesome shoe boutique Stella Says Go is doing a deal where if you bring in a gently-worn sweater or coat, you will receive 20% off their fall shoes and boots and an additional 10% off all summer sale items.  So, this is a good time to go through your closet to decide what items to get rid of and what items you need for fall.  Maybe you happen to have a sweater you hate, but need a new pair of cute boots!  Wouldn't this be the ideal combo?  This deal lasts all week and ends on Thursday the 30th.

And to conclude this week of discounts, they will be having a party on Thursday with drinks, treats and special promotions.   10% of the party's proceeds and all donations will benefit The ARC of Texas.

Monday, September 20, 2010

ATX Ladies Who Brunch

Yesterday we had our first ever ATX Ladies Who BRUNCH.  Our new schedule is lunch, brunch, happy hour.  This week was brunch.  Why is brunch so fabulous?  Because you get to drink champagne (in the form of mimosas) in the morning/ afternoon.  Don't the fashion bloggers and fashion enthusiast gals of Austin look super cute?

If you are interested in joining in on this sexy group, you must be willing to discuss any or all of these topics:

-social media
-boys (or men? no, all men are boys)

Head over to New to ATX to find out more info. and get to know Grechen who started all of this.  Special thanks to Cassiday who organized this week's brunch, and to Blue Star Cafeteria for letting us have a place to do the brunching.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Limited Edition Austin TOMS

I know some of you are still not on the TOMS bandwagon (and may never be), but for those of you who love the casual comfort of a pair of TOMS, you might be interested in these.  Personally, I'm not a fan of shoes with writing all over them...but I think it's super cool that the city of Austin has its own limited edition of TOMS, don't you??  I do think Austin is a very TOMS appreciative city.  We like comfort, we like casual, and we like giving back.  I wear my classic navy TOMS every day to yoga.

These limited edition Austin TOMS will go on sale exclusively at Tyler's on the Drag on Thursday, Oct. 7th starting at 2pm.  This is the day before ACL, and I happen to think TOMS are an excellent choice for footwear at ACL.

Will you be purchasing a pair of Austin TOMS?

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tribeza Style Week Presents: Rock + Runway Men's Fashion Show

Tribeza Style Week kicks off next Tuesday with an (invite only) kick off party.  The main fashion show will take place on Friday Sept. 24th at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum featuring looks from Adelante, C.Jane, Estilo, Eliza Page, The Graden Room, Julian Gold, MISSBEHAVE, Peyton's Place, Saks Fifth Avenue, Underwear, and Valentine's Too.

But, the show I am most looking forward to is the Rock + Runway Men's Fashion Show.  Why?  Because this will be the first all local mens fashion show I will attend.  First of all, there aren't that many local stores that carry a lot of mens fashion (although, it is definitely growing.)  The addition of STAG was a huge help to the stylish male market.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Midnight Garden Party

I didn't wear this to a midnight garden party.  But wouldn't it be the perfect outfit for one?  Do midnight garden parties exist?  This is actually what I wore to BATHH tonight (Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour).  I then got home and decided my outfit needed to be photographed outside.  I tried to snap a few pics quickly before the mosquitos started to eat through my tights and destroy me.  Yes I wore tights.  I'm in denial that it's not cold yet, and I'm loving being in my own imaginary world.  You should also note that this headband (found at local store Luxe Apothetique) is my new favorite hair accessory.  They have them in other colors too.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walkin

You might be thinkin "hey Joanna, it's still 95 degrees outside, I can't even think of putting on a tall boot."  Or maybe you're like me and are in denial that it's still hot and are already pairing your summer dresses with a fall boot.  Personally I consider boots to be a year round shoe because I am a huge fan of boots.  Why?  Because they are comfy, cute, practical, and look good with almost anything.  They also make me feel like I could run around in the tall grass and kick some ass if I needed to.

I recently went around town to see what boots the local stores have to offer us for this fall.  Amy from Stella Says Go (my new favorite place to find shoes) suggests y'all start looking for your fall/winter boots now so that you are guaranteed to find your size.  I agree.  It may be hot now but before you know it your feet will be dying to snuggle into a pair of socks and cute boots.  Luckily Austin has a wide variety of styles in a broad range of prices.  Check out these finds:

Shop, Sip, Swag

This Thursday stop by Y&I Boutique on South Congress for some discounted shopping and drinks from Deep Eddy Vodka and treats from Fleming's and Kellie's Kandies and Cookies.  Plus swag bags (don't ya'll just love swag bags??) for the first 50 people and giveaways.

I love that Austin has set a standard that there must be free booze at any and every event.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Look Who's Wearing

Look who's wearing a Zach Anner graphic tee (the ones I told y'all about back in August.)  It's Zach's new bff John Mayer!

Click here to order your own Zach Anner tee.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

Although this poster says "I'm Going To Saks Fifth Avenue For Fashion's Night Out", I am in fact not going.  But, that doesn't mean YOU shouldn't go.  (It just means I have been planning on doing a karaoke night with friends as well as a dog party before I knew about this event.)  It sounds like it should be a fun thing to go to.  You get to rock out to live music by The Spoiled, get your makeup done, enjoy drinks from Crown Imports and eats from Fleming's Prime Steakhouse.

If you'd like to go please RSVP to

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Trifecta

Shopping?  Cupcakes?  Wine?  I don't know which is better and you can't make me choose!  Good thing you won't have to choose only one tomorrow, as all 3 of these things are being combined for The Trifecta.  Oh yeah, and there is also live music (you thought it couldn't get better but it just did) by Hans Stockenberger.  

There will be cupcake and wine pairings for $13 from House Wine & The Cupcake Bar.  Shopping from local boutiques includes Lovely Austin Boutique, Langford Market, Anne Marie, Diamonds & Guns, Amelia Beth, Amy's Sweettooth bags, Nepenthe’s Bathtime, and Material Clothing.   

And, they will be giving out Door Prizes every 30 minutes!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Fashion Find: Mustache Necklace

Found at SoLa, $12

This is the second Fun Fashion Find to involve a mustache.  The first, was a mustache bracelet made from a record.  Austin sure does love it's facial hair!  To prove this, there is an Austin Facial Hair Club as well as a yearly beard and mustache contest that will take place this February at Mohawk.  You ladies might want to get a mustache necklace to wear to an event such as this (so you don't get mustache-envy.)  You could also get a mustache in the form of a ring:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Le Garage Sale Keeps Austin Stylish on a Budget

A garage sale doesn't always take place in a garage.  It doesn't always consist of dusty books, used baby strollers, and deteriorating vhs copies of "Home Alone".  The "Le" in Le Garage Sale should tell you that this is not your uncle's garage sale.

Le Garage Sale is the shopping event that takes place at the end of the season, bringing some of Austin's favorite boutiques together in one place to sell their merchandise at majorly discounted prices.

This weekend Le Garage took place at the Palmer Events Center with booths set up by boutiques such as By George, Stella Says Go, Kick Pleat, SoLa, Adelante, and Estilo to name a few.  There were definitely some great deals to be taken advantage of.

If you are trying to keep stylish while keeping your wallet full, I suggest attending Le Garage Sale.  And for more tips on how to be stylish on a budget, check out this video I did with News 8 at Le Garage Sale.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Polka Paradise

So, I didn't have time before the New to ATX Happy Hour at Annie's to take photos of what I decided to wear.  By the time I got home it was of course way past the golden time to take photos outside.  So I did something I have never done for my blog, which is take photos outside at night.

I like the juxtaposition of this outfit with the tropical colorful print on top combined with the black and white polka dot skirt on bottom.  The mis-mash works well and is pulled together with a wide black belt making the top and bottom and seem like they were meant for each other.