Monday, January 30, 2012

My Outfit: Cowgirl Clothing

I always make sure to head north on I-35 around this time of year.  Even though my family owns a farm, I don't consider myself to be much of a country gal.  But it's fun every now and then to play up this cowgirl vibe I have deep inside me from growing up in Cowtown.  I've been going to the Ft. Worth rodeo since a little kiddo and I have many memories of spending time sitting in those same seats every year with my friends and family.  The last time I spent with my Dad before he passed away was when I came into town for the rodeo.  My Dad and I walked around the Stockyards, just the two of us, and he willingly and proudly took photos of me for my blog.  It was a surreal experience to come back this year and experience the rodeo without my Dad.  I miss him more than I could easily explain and still almost a year later can't believe he is gone.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Upcoming Event: Le Garage Sale

The best part about the winter Le Garage Sale (besides being able to get great deals) is knowing that stores will now be stocked with their Spring clothing (wooo)! Le Garage Sale is back and this time the huge sale that takes place twice a year is at a new location.  Previously held at the Palmer Events Center, Le Garage Sale has now moved to the Austin Convention Center.  If you've never been to Le Garage Sale, what you can expect to find this weekend is discounted merchandise from an array of local boutiques.  


  • discounted winter merchandise from local boutiques
  • $10 cash entry at the door
  • Saturday Jan. 28, 11am - 6pm
  • Sunday Jan.29, 12pm - 5pm

Monday, January 23, 2012

Upcoming Event: Veronica Sheaffer Trunk Show

Attention all brides-to-be!  Chicago bridal designer Veronica Sheaffer is having her first ever trunk show outside of Chicago here in Austin.  You can go check out Veronica's Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 collections at Unbridaled from Feb. 9 - 16.

Pulling inspiration from white-washed furniture on summer porches, the Spring 2012 collection features layers of soft, floating fabrics and flowers.  What I love the most about Veronica's gowns, is they are feminine and not too overworked while still remaining sophisticated and unique.   Collection gowns range from $1,600 to $5,600 and accessories range from $250 to $450.

A few photos of the types of handmade gowns you can expect to see at Unbridaled from Veronica Sheaffer:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

North Loop to Lose Splendor

Feel, smell, and fit.  These are 3 things that are impossible to experience via online shopping.  This is why I was a little bummed to learn that local vintage boutique Splendor was closing its brick and mortar door to focus solely on their online shop.   Owner Stephanie Jimenez describes the change as bittersweet.    "I have built so many great relationships and the support and feedback of the store has been amazing.  I have been blessed with great customers.  I will definitely miss them."  However, due to the success of Splendor's online store, Stephanie says it just made more sense to add more focus to it.

Splendor had started to become one of my favorite stores in Austin to find unique vintage pieces, so I admit that I was a little selfishly sad to hear of its online expansion.  However, Stephanie says she plans on offering her Austin residents a discount!  Plus, Stephanie wants to be a part of as many pop up shops and trunk shows in Austin as possible.  Splendor will take part in the 29th Street Yard Sale at Spider House every second Sunday of the month, as well as the Rock and Roll at Spider House during the week of SXSW.

Stephanie looks most forward to the time that she will have to travel in search of the best vintage finds, to do shows outside of Texas to expand her market, and most importantly to spend more time with her kids.

Everything at Splendor is 30% off through the end of the month, so go get it in store while you can!

Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday the 13th Fashion Massacre

Blood glittered from swan-like necks, girls hid their doe eyes behind hockey masks, and machetes were swung in the night.  It was just another typical Friday night in Austin *sigh*.  

Friday the 13th's Fashion Massacre celebrated the move of Austin's collective of independent fashion designers and artisans formerly known as Cypress Vanguard into Sugar Gay Isber's Sugar Factory.  The house on W.Koenig formerly used solely as jewelry designer Sugar Gay Isber's studio and personal home, is now the new showcase for the group of Austin designers.

While the downtown space of the old Cypress Vanguard provided a cute old house feel with a beautiful outside courtyard, the new house allows for more open space and more designs to be displayed.  The central location also adds convenience for potential shoppers and will hopefully expand the newly named Ensemble's clientele.

When a group of totally unique designers with independent aesthetics come together to put on a show, it inevitably turns out to be a bit of a hodge podge.  But, with Sugar Gay Isber's statement necklaces, hair by Ivy Kim, makeup by Lecia Harkins and Coby Simcoe, and Jennifer Cunningham's "frightful" accessories, the show was at least a fun, quirky, and somewhat consistent hodge podge.

Check out my freaky photos from the Ensemble, Austin Indie Designer's Friday the 13th Fashion Massacre.  This first look worn by model Dandilion Olsen was my favorite look of the night.

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Outfit: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

I previously styled this neon yellow dress in the summer with a tribal necklace and clogs, but I'm loving wearing it in the winter as well with a tribal inspired scarf and cropped black leather jacket.  I love when neon is in style because it's so fun and eye catching!  How are you choosing to wear this bright color trend?     

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Upcoming Event: Fabricker Opens Its Doors

Attention fashion designers and crafty crafters!  Back in October I wrote about April King's hope to open a fabric store here in Austin that would meet the needs of this creative town.  April's store, Fabricker is here and opens Tuesday!  I'm excited to check it out for myself.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Style Profile: Jenny Woys

Sequins, Polka dot, leopard print, and lace all in one outfit?  If one person can pull it off, it's Jenny Woys.  Jenny's fashion risk taking always makes me smile when I see her out and about in Austin.  With her expressive and creative style, the transport from Michigan says her fashion choices usually distinguish her from everyone else far more in her hometown of Sagitaw than it does in Austin.  This distinction is a good thing though, Jenny says.  "My entire family is from there, but I can't say there's anything really fashionable about it."  If the Michigan town was not an inspiring scene fashion-wise, how did Jenny become so fascinated with fashion?  If such a things exists, Jenny believes she inherited the style gene from her grandmother who used to sing in night clubs and sew her own beautiful clothes.  For the record, I do think this gene exists and I do think Jenny inherited it.

When she's not putting together her own outfits, Jenny works on the major fashion accounts for Adlucent, a fun online advertising company located in the old movie theater on South Congress.  Jenny also does personal styling for private clients and has worked on projects with Megan Summerville, Tracy Tenpenny, L Style G Style, and Ricky Hodge, to name a few.  In addition to styling, Jenny has also experimented with sewing and crafting outfits and costumes under the name Trendvixen.  You might have caught her and Hunter Lohse's unofficial and underground fashion show during Austin Fashion Week last year which was a big accomplishment for the fashion duo, Champagne Derelicts.

Although their So F*ing Haute Fashion Show, in which Jenny showed some of her own Trendvixen pieces was a success, Jenny says designing has absolutely made her realize that styling is her true love and talent.  Although someday, with a little help, Jenny says she wouldn't mind producing a fashion line.

Check out the photos from our shoot and my Q&A with one of the gals who is keeping Austin stylish:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Co Star Makes South Congress Even Brighter For the Guys

Where do guys shop in Austin?  I often find myself asking this question because it seems to me there aren't many options for guys in this town.  But if there's one area of Austin that has been helping to solve this issue for the stylish men out there, it's South Congress.  With Service Menswear, Stag, and the multiple vintage stores lining the street, this area gives some hope to the guys.  Continuing to help this cause, is the newest store to plant its feet on the SoCo scene, Co Star.  Brought to you by Maya Krauss and Richard Gordoa who already own the South Congress womens boutique Maya Star, Co Star offers selections for both girls and guys.  Although Co Star offers noteworthy brands for the gals with Dolce Vita dresses, Joe’s Collection, Mink Pink, BLEULAB reversible denim (um I kinda want these), and jewelry from House of Harlow and Vanessa Mooney, it's the menswear selection that actually caught my eye while doing some browsing over Christmas break.

Maybe it's simply due to the lack of boutiques offering mens clothing that the clothing for guys got my attention.  But, this attention might be well deserved considering the store offers a vast selection of graphic tees, button downs, denim, and more from well known labels such as Schott, French Connection, Joe’s Jeans, WeSC, G-Star RAW, and Genetic Denim.  It's definitely the premium denim for both guys and girls that would have me coming back to Co Star, as well as suggesting it to my guy friends who (rightfully) hate shopping at malls.  

And for all the guys out there reading this blog post (I know there are at least 6 of you), when purchasing a pair of jeans please keep in mind that this is pretty much ALL YOU WEAR, so please do not be afraid to spend over $100 on quality denim.