Ask Me

Ask Me for style advice.  I'll help you out and your question might get featured on my blog (i'll keep it anonymous if you'd like).

Ask Me to feature your event or sale on my blog.  It might get featured on my Upcoming Events page and in a blog post.

Ask Me to do a giveaway.  I like to do giveaways to promote stores, designers, and companies based out of Austin.  Let me know if you would like to participate in a Giveaway.
Ask Me to post a Fashion FAIL you have found around town.  You will be credited and linked.  I do NOT show the faces of the person who made the Fail (that would be mean) so I will edit the photo if need be.

Ask Me about becoming a sponsor of my blog.  If you'd like to see your ad on the sidebar of my blog you can become a sponsor.
Ask Me to collaborate with you on an upcoming photo shoot.  I do art direction, modeling, photography, photo editing, and am always on the lookout to collaborate with different makeup artists, photographers, and models.

Ask me about anything else!