Saturday, April 30, 2011

Recap: "Fashion Shock" Wilhelmina Brown Anniversary Party

Beautiful models, bedazzled vajayjays, and Cory Feldman.  All of the above and more were at the Austin Arthouse Thursday night to celebrate modeling agency Wilhelmina Brown's one year anniversary in Austin.  The night started out with an industry meet and greet with plenty of free drinks (just because they are free does not mean you need to drink so many of them Joanna) and interesting people (why Cory Feldman was there, I have no idea).  

Then the models took to their podiums and posed their hearts out wearing fashions from Boudoir Queen, the magical, pretty, and sometimes risque vintage inspired fashion label from Dawn Younger-Smith.  Interesting fact I learned from Dawn: all the shoes worn by the models were Pradas from her own personal shoe collection!  I love loved the 1920s vibe of  it all.  After the Boudoir Queen looks, things got a little Vegasy when models walked out half naked (actually I think it was more like 85% naked) with jewels, feathers, and makeup by Evie Evan covering the last 15% parts.  Check out my photos:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ask Me: What do I Wear to an Outdoor Charity Concert?

My email inbox has been filling up with a lot of style questions lately, so I have decided to make this a segment on the blog.  If you have a style question, please ask me!  Here's one I got from a new Austinite....

I am new to Austin, saw your fashion blog and seeking advice.
I have been here less than a month and not sure what to wear to a charity concert.  It is an evening event at a home.  The concert will be outside.
Background:  I am a mom of two, tend to be more on the conservative side of dressing.
Any recommendations you have would be wonderful.

Thank you,
Puzzled by fashion

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Upcoming Event:Figure it Out

As much as I hate women referring to their bodies as fruits, you can't really deny that everyone has a different body shape and certain clothes work better on certain body shapes.  If you have no clue how to flatter your figure then I suggest you attend this workshop today with my style blogger friend, Sydney Nagy.

  • Figure flattering fashion workshop
  • Raw food by Beets Cafe
  • Cocktails
  • 25% discount at Langford Market

Monday, April 25, 2011

Style Watch: Path Salon and Downstairs Apparel Party

Where: Downstairs Apparel's new location on South Congress
When: Wednesday April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Outfit: Easter in the Summer

Easter Sunday is yet another excuse for me to wear a cute dress.  I know it's technically spring, but since springtime in Austin is considerably warmer than in most other places (and I am obsessed with summer), I have been calling it summer.  And this dress is the perfect summer dress.  It's bright, it's lightweight, it's cool, AND it has pockets.  I spent today running around with my family and I consumed my first sno cone of the season.  I love this time of year!  From now until it starts to get cool I will dress every day like I am on vacation.      

Friday, April 22, 2011

Recap: UT Fashion Show 2011

The anticipation was building up inside of me as I stood in the photographer pit waiting for this year's UT Fashion Show to start.  I seem to always forget that this show is not only a fashion show, but it's also  a graduation.  And with about a billion people to thank, some technical issues, and the lack of a cocktail bar, I was about to jump out of my MRKT heels waiting for my favorite fashion show of the year to start. 

Why is the UT fashion show my favorite show in Austin?  Because firstly, it is entirely made up of original designs (this year there were 96 designs shown), it is a professional looking show that has been given a ton of thought and planning, and last but definitely not least, it is a show that has young designers who have fresh and interesting visions to show.  This year was no exception, and in fact, I feel as though this show keeps getting better and better each year that I attend.  This year's show was appropriately called "Innovation" as many of the graduating designers were indeed innovative with their designs showing things such as a coat that glowed in the dark, dresses that could quickly transform with a simple gesture, a suit jacket with a hidden cell phone pocket, and a wedding dress with led lighting.  While those designs are kinda fun, the gimmicky fashions are usually not my favorite.  What do I like?  Elise Romero's cape for one! Check out my photos of my favorite looks from the show, and keep reading to see the winning designs:

Elise Romero

Thursday, April 21, 2011

'Cause You Can't Blo Yourself

Last weekend I took Johnny Bravvo to get a blow job.  Umm okay, wait, let me back up here...  Blo is the newest salon to hit Austin, a no cut, no color salon offering simply a shampoo and a blow dry.  Blo focuses on the styling part of a trip to a salon.  In 30 minutes for $33 you can get the "red carpet", "executive sweet", "high society", or "sex, hugs, and rock n' roll" to name a few options from the Blo hair menu.  For my complimentary blo job, I opted for the "sex, hugs, and rock n' roll" while Johnny got the "bro blo."  I'm not sure how many guys would have the confidence to walk into a salon that has as much pink in it as a 7 year old's Hello Kitty themed birthday party and ask for a "bro blo", but having followed Johnny on twitter for awhile, I figured he wouldn't pass up an opportunity to have some attention directed his way.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recap: FashioNation's Final Chapter Fashion Show

As Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine played on the speakers behind me, the first model in FashioNation's Final Chapter Fashion Show began to slowly glide down the runway.  In the middle of the show, my friend who was sitting somewhere else tweeted me and said I looked bored.  Maybe it was because I was really tired, maybe it was the dreamy Florence and the Machine song, or maybe it's that I have been to too many fashion shows.  But, I don't think it was any of these things and I don't think boredom was what I was feeling at this fashion show.  I think "uninspired" is the better term to use.  Honestly, the more and more fashion shows that I go to in Austin, the more I crave creativity and something unexpected.

I did get a little taste of this near the end of the show when original designs by local Austin designer Chelsea Jacquelyn Jones of Toxo-Philite and FashioNation co-founder and Texas State grad, Dominique Deveraux, walked the runway.  Even though I wasn't overly impressed with the fashion at the show, I am always impressed by people who start things and make things happen.  The organization that put this show together, FashioNation, was started in order to bring students together who are interested in the fashion industry, and show them that they have the power to make things happen with fashion.  Now we just need to make more things happen with the fashion shows in Austin.

Neiman Marcus

Monday, April 18, 2011

Upcoming Event: Innovation, the UT Senior Fashion Show

Every year the graduating seniors from the Textiles and Apparel program at UT show their senior collection at the UT spring fashion show.  Embracing new technologies and eco-friendly techniques, these collections by graduating seniors have always been some of my favorite designs to see in Austin.  As far as fashion shows in Austin go, this one is definitely a must see.  Plus it's free to attend! RSVP on facebook here.  If you can't make it to the show in person, there will be a live webcast of the show on Fashionably Austin.  And, you can come back here and check out my photos and review after the show.

  • Innovation, the UT fashion show
  • free attendance
  • projecting live tweets on screen with the hashtag #UTInnovation.  
  • 96 original designs by graduating UT seniors
  • game day collections, individual collections, and evening and bridal
  • awards announced at the end of the show

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outfit: You Owe It To The Hat

I was wearing this hat downtown somewhat recently when I ended up singing "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany at a bar doing karaoke.  After my amazing performance, an older gentleman came up to me and requested that for my next song I sing a Debbie Gibson song because I "owe it to the hat."  He was right.  It was wrong of me to wear a Debbie Gibson style hat and sing a song by her arch nemesis.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Upcoming Event: The Final Chapter Show


  • The Final Chapter Fashion Show
    • free
    • donations accepted for TWLOHA
    • fashion by: Callis, toxo Phillit, joes jeans, Neiman Marcus, Betsy Johnson, and Strut, TIKKR

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outfit: Accosted at Whole Foods

I love seeking out stylish people for my blog.  People watching and taking street style photos is one of my favorite things I do for this 'ol blog.  But yesterday I found out what it was like to be one of those people who I bug when I'm out at events and ask to photograph...

A little backstory to this: I work at an "office" which is really an apartment.  I only have one other co-worker who is my boss.  We don't usually leave the "office", so, in theory, I could come to work in my pajamas.  But, we are both naturally stylish people so my boss and I usually end up looking well dressed even though there is no need.  In fact one day he was in a suit and a lot of the time I'm in heels.  But yesterday, he surprised me with a trip to Whole Foods to have a meeting (luckily this wasn't the day I decided to throw all my self pride out the door and dress like a Fashion FAIL.)  To my pleasant surprise I was accosted by a sweet girl who works for the Austin Post and was digging my style.  You can check out the photo she took of me, plus my quick interview here.  She compared my look to a young Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, which besides being compared to a teenage prostitute, I will take as a huge compliment!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Style Watch: Simon Fashion Now

Where: The Domain 

When: Simon Fashion Now at the Domain

It's not only for Paris Hilton.  The best accessory for a guy is definitely a cute puppy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Recap: Simon Fashion Now at the Domain

Although I am not a big fan of malls, the Domain has some things going for it that make it better than your average mall.  For one, it's outside so you can walk around and relax with your dog.  The other big benefit is that there are some nice restaurants that call Domain their home.  Restaurants like NoRTH and McCormick and Schmik's are much more than a step above normal food court fare. And although when it first opened the Domain might have felt intimidating to those not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one clothing item, the introduction of Forever 21 and the Domain II section now offer a much wider variety of price points for the average shopper.

This weekend the Domain played host to Simon Fashion Now, a yearly event in which Simon Malls around the country hold runway shows to highlight the upcoming trends for the season.  The runway shows during Simon Fashion Now this year were comparable to that of last year's event.  The fashion at a mall show is obviously not supposed to intrigue and inspire your wardrobe creativity, but rather to inspire you to buy these wearable items.  Everything that walked the runway was safe and well put together, which is good but expectedly slightly boring.   
But one of the pros of a big corporate fashion show like this one versus our funky and sometimes ill-prepared local Austin shows, is that the models actually know how to walk a runway.  It's refreshing to take runway photos of models who know the pace at which to walk and allow for photos to be taken.  The other nice thing about a show like this one is that it gives you a real look at what trends we can expect to see in stores right now and in the next couple of months.  From what I saw at these shows it looks like bright colors, color blocking, crochet tops, and floppy beach hats are in for summer.

Check out my photos from the runway at Simon Fashion Now at the Domain:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

North Loop Sidewalk Sale Finds

The North Loop shopping district has been one of my favorite places to shop in Austin since I started frequenting Room Service in college with my roommate in an attempt to make our apartment unique and awesome (we accomplished this thanks to Room Service and a paint color called Mermaid Treasure.)  So this weekend I made sure to check out the North Loop Sidewalk Sale.  I walked away with a couple of treasures:

Yes, that is the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack on vinyl from Room Service and a high cut 80s swimsuit with mesh that I got for $10.  And an awesome high waisted full skirt that I got at Ermine Vintage for $1.

keep austin stylish

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outfit: Shorts That Look Like a Skirt

I don't know why but lately I have been finding a lot of shorts that look skirts.  I'm kinda loving it.  How can you go wrong with high waisted bright colored floral shorts?  Well, you could probably go wrong very easily.  But what's undeniably right about these shorts is that they have pockets!  

I'm ready for summer like you wouldn't believe, but my wardrobe needs a little maintenance.  I definitely need to find some casual but hot summer black wedges.  I'm officially on a hunt for them

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Upcoming Event: Simon Fashion Now at the Domain

To get an idea of what you can expect from Simon Fashion Now at the Domain, check out my coverage of last year's event.

  • Simon Fashion Now at the Domain 2 day event
  • Friday- Trends and Friends Night
  • Saturday-
    • 5 runway shows
    • intereactive style shops
    • giveaways
    • drinks and live music

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recap: Austin Threads Exclusive Fashion Show

It was early on a Sunday morning and the banter from the MCs before the runway show was driving me insane forcing me to down my mimosa faster than I should have.  But once the actual fashion show got started, it was a really fun show to watch.  Some of the most talented designers in Austin plus one New Yorker showed off their latest designs last weekend at the Austin Threads Exclusive Fashion Show.  But of course, the show was not lacking some criticism from me.

Malissa Long is talented and I like her designs, but the majority of the dresses that she showed this night were designs that I have seen from her for about a year now.  The one thing I haven't seen from her before was the rainbow dress which I kinda wanted to lick because it looked like a giant popsicle.  The popsicle dress was a really fun new aesthetic from her and I would like to see more from this, which was completely disjointed from her older neutral looks.  I'm excited to see more new stuff from her in the future and hopefully a more cohesive collection.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Outfit: It's Too Early For This

Whose idea was it to have a fashion show at 11am in the morning on a Sunday?  And not only that, but the dress code was cocktail attire.  After the weekend I had, it was definitely too early for this.  I set my camera up on a random car in the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel in order to take some photos of the outfit I wore to the Austin Threads Exclusive Fashion Show because A) I'm classy like that B) I've completely lost all sense of shame and embarrassment and C) I really wanted to show y'all this amazing top I got at Feathers.  I definitely got a few odd stares from people walking in the parking lot.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Texas 4000 Benefit Fashion Show

It wasn't my first fashion show.  I've been behind the scenes of shows before as a dresser (I used to volunteer to help out backstage at shows during college as a member of UFG).  And, at this point I can't even count the number of local shows I have witnessed and photographed.  But, last Thursday was my first real experience as being a model in a fashion show.  And, although my face twitched the entire time and I fear I looked like a deer in the headlights, it was a ton of fun!

The show was to benefit Texas 4000 and featured looks by 2nd St. District boutiques Langford Market, Mellow Johnny's, MISSBEHAVE, Duo, Gallery D, and Plain Ivey Jane.  There were a lot of outfits and pieces that I was really digging.  A favorite of mine and everyone else's included my 70s inspired high waisted bell bottom Rebekka Taylor jeans from MISSBEHAVE.  Everyone was really lovin' these jeans.  Flared jeans are a big upcoming trend right now and a lot of fun to wear.  I definitely suggest wearing them with some platform wedges.