Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turn Street-wear into Costume-wear

Halloween is this weekend and if you still haven't figured out what you are going to be, you are probably just going to try and throw something together at the last minute using stuff you already have at home. I have some advice on trying to create a cool costume from your normal everyday clothes.

First of all, keep it simple. You aren't going to be able to create that magnificent stage costume from your favorite Broadway musical in a few hours using what you have in your closet.

Second of all, focus on the broad aspects of what makes a costume look like a costume and don't get too stuck on the details. What silhouette does your character have? The basic shape is what is most recognizable when it comes to costumes.

Third, color. Colors are very recognizable and we associate certain colors with certain characters and things very easily. Use color to your advantage.

Here are the everyday pieces I used to create my costume. This is how I would normally wear them in outfits:

And here is the "Little Red Riding Hood" costume I created with them:

How did I figure this out? I first asked myself, "what makes little red riding hood look like little red riding hood?" Obviously a red hood is very important, but I didn't have a red cape with a hood. Luckily this red hoodie works just as well b/c it has the basic shape and color. If you have anything that is red that you can somehow use as a hood, such as a scarf or wrap, that would work too. The silhouette that we associate with Little Red Riding Hood is one that is a tight corset-ted waist with a fuller skirt. Find something in your closet that could recreate this shape. You could use a belt or a vest to create a corset like shape if you don't have a dress like the one I have. You can use any full skirt or dress you have to get that full shape, and if you have a petticoat then this will make it look a bit more dramatic and costume-like. For the top, you can use any white or cream blouse you have that has short sleeves or cap sleeves. The last component is the boots. Any boots you have will work, but the taller the better. After this is all put together, and if you have time, you can then start to focus on adding some small details. If you have a basket lying around you can carry that and use it as your purse. And makeup is a really good way to make a costume look more like a costume. Make your eye makeup more dramatic than usual, and for Little Red Riding Hood some deep red lips would be beautiful.

You can take the concepts I used for creating Little Red Riding Hood and apply them to your own costume idea. If you can't think of a costume idea out of nowhere, look at the clothes and accessories you have and let them inspire you. Don't get stuck! Time is wasting and you need a costume. Don't fret and don't get discouraged.

For more street-wear turned costume-wear looks, check out the window displays at SoLa in the triangle. The costumes you see in the windows were created entirely with everyday clothes that are for sale in the store. SoLa also has a great selection of colored and patterned tights, which can be very helpful for creating costumes.

Good luck creating your costume and Happy Halloween!

keep austin stylish


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Organic Makeup Done W3LL

Up until fairly recently I never really paid attention to what ingredients went into my makeup, then a friend showed me this website where you can look up your products and see what ingredients they contain and how toxic they are. It seems crazy to me that there even has to be a website that shows the toxicity level of makeup. Shouldn't something we put on our skin every day be nontoxic? I can't pronounce the ingredients that are in most of the makeup products out there and I'm not even going to try and list them because I wouldn't be able to spell them correctly. People have realized that we should eat natural foods to be healthier, so why would we not want to put natural products on our skin as well?

After realizing the benefit of all natural makeup on your skin and the environment, your next step is to find organic makeup that is actually cool. It's really difficult finding chemical free makeup that is just as good as the usual toxic stuff; there usually isn't much of a selection to choose from. At Sephora I asked for the salespeople to show me the all natural makeup and they didn't really know what to show me. They had a few things that claimed to be organic or at least mostly organic, but the pickings were very slim. Austin fashionistas know that you have to have the right makeup to go along with that cute outfit and we won't settle for anything but the best.

W3LL People is a local Austin all natural makeup and skin care store. They carry their own line of organic makeup created by "makeup guru" Shirley Pinkson alongside dermatologist Dr. Renee Snyder. Shirley was so very kind and helpful to me and just a super cool chick all around. She helped me pick out the perfect color lip gloss (lip gloss is referred to as "Nudist Lip Shine" at W3LL). It was the kind of lip gloss that brings out your natural color and intensifies it, which I love. And what's even better is that it contains ingredients I can spell: pomegranate, beeswax, and green tea. With a price tag of $23 it might be double what you would normally spend on a gloss, but at least you know you are doing your skin, as well as the environment, a favor because there are no chemicals and their packaging is made from corn. Oh, and my lip gloss was "not tested on animals or robots."

For the months of October and November if you purchase the Nudist Lip Shine #4, 100% of the proceeds will go to the fight against breast cancer. "Look Good. Do Good. Be W3LL."

W3LL People is located on South Lamar under the Bridges On The Park apartments.

keep austin stylish... and toxic free


Monday, October 26, 2009

by george Soiree and Trunk Show With Irene Neuwirth

by george is having a Soiree tomorrow (Wednesday October 28th) from 6 - 8 pm with jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth. Irene is the founder and owner of the L.A. based jewelry company, Irene Neuwirth Inc.. You can meet Irene and check out her jewelry all while sipping a cocktail at by george on 6th and Lamar.

Then, there is the trunk show with Irene on Thursday October 29th from 12 - 5pm where you can buy directly from Irene. The trunk show will remain in the store for purchases from October 30th - October 31st.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fashion FAIL Of The Month

I was at work today looking out the window (probably daydreaming about my next outfit) when I saw a horrible crime against fashion and mankind. A woman was walking down the sidewalk in a see through black wrap dress without a slip or anything under it except for a bra and a thong. When I look out the window I don't want to see a bare butt walking down the least not until Leslie gets back out on the streets again.

Ladies, please don't let this happen to you. People were laughing at this girl after she walked by them and I was embarrassed for her. I have a few tips for making sure this doesn't happen to you:

1. Check your outfit in outdoor lighting. The sunlight can have a different affect on material than indoor lighting.

2. Take a picture of your outfit with a camera using flash. This is particularly helpful if you are going to be somewhere where your picture is going to be taken. Flash can make material see through that you would never think to be see through.

3. Just hold your fabric up to a light to see if you can see through it.

Maybe this girl wanted to walk down the street naked, but I don't think it was on purpose. So be careful before you walk out of the house!

keep austin stylish...and classy ;)


Friday, October 23, 2009

Adelante Boot Show Review

As I said in a previous post, Adelante Boutique has a selection of vintage cowboy boots for 2 days only. It started today and I went to check out the supply. What I found was a smaller selection than I would have liked. They had a few really cute styles, but unfortunately the majority of sizes were very small. Most of the styles I gravitated towards were size 5 or 6. If you have a small foot then you might be pleased with what they have, but if you wear a size 8 (like me) or above then you probably won't be buying any of their boots. The other negative thing I have to say about their boots was the price. I know cowboy boots can be quite pricey, but these were all vintage boots (dating from around the 70s) and I felt like the prices should have been much lower. Their prices ranged from around $200-300.

I wouldn't really recommend rushing to Adelante for their vintage cowboy boots. However, I would recommend going to Adelante for their clothes in general. Right now they have a decent amount of really cute outerwear as well as a section dedicated to stylish burnt orange clothes that would be great for UT game days.

If you want to check out their boots for yourself, tomorrow is the last day.

keep austin stylish

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nordstrom Rack Grand Opening Today

A Nordstrom Rack store is having its grand opening today! It is located in the Gateway Shopping Center. Click here for directions.

Nordstrom Rack carries merchandise from Nordstrom stores and at 50-60% off original Nordstrom prices.

keep austin stylish

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally A Decent Fabric Store!

If you are a "do it yourself" kinda gal when it comes to fashion and you like to make your own clothes, then you have inevitably gone through the heartache that I myself have endured. You have an idea for a great item of clothing and you decide you are going to sew it yourself. So you go to the fabric store to look for the perfect fabric to turn the idea in your head into a wearable reality. You quickly realize Austin's lack of fabric stores and end up at the closest Jo-Ann's or Hancock's. You search and search for the perfect material. If you are at Jo-Ann's then there is a decent amount of fabric to go through, but unfortunately it's all lackluster and if you are at Hancock's then you are alarmed at the amount of fabric they have and hear yourself saying "this is a FABRIC store, right?" Either way, you leave the store with your dreams shattered and your heart broken. Your great idea for that dress might never be materialized.

For years I have been frustrated with the scarcity of decent fabric stores in Austin, but finally a decent store exists, and what makes it even better is that it's local. The Common Thread has only been open for about 6 weeks, but it already seems to have a loyal following.

Their selection isn't exactly huge, but the ratio of good fabrics to bad fabrics at this store is awesome; every roll of fabric is top notch. There are so many cute patterns and colors to choose from. The majority of the fabric prices range from $6-10 a yard which is worth it because the fabrics are so nice. You just really can't find these types of patterns anywhere else. Their selection of fabrics would be good for clothes as well as home decor. This is where I will go to buy fabric for pillows that I am gonna make for my new bedding, and after one visit the fabric has inspired me to think of an idea for a dress that I want to make.

So, make sure you go The Common Thread if you want to start sewing something, and don't get stuck in the world of big fabric stores with little fabric choices. Good luck with your next project and have fun keeping austin stylish!

The Common Thread is located on South Lamar one block south of Barton Springs Rd.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Adelante's Annual Boot Show

Friday October 23rd and Saturday October 24th Adelante Boutique will have an assortment of vintage women's cowboy boots in a variety of sizes and colors. Two days only!

My love of cowboy boots will not let me miss this.

Also, Monday October 19th - Saturday October 24th at Adelante you can get 20% off one item (does not include the vintage cowboy boots) if you mention "Shop Local".

keep austin stylish

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soigne Fashion Show Update

I won't be able to report about the Soigne fashion show and brunch tomorrow because I am at home sick with the swine flu. It's one of the hottest trends right now :P

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soigne Fashion Show This Sunday

Soigne Boutique is having a fall fashion show and brunch at Sampaio's this Sunday October 18th from 12-2 pm. It's $15 which includes a prix fixe menu and a mimosa and mimosas are $1 after prix fixe menu purchase. You must call and make a reservation 512-469-9988. Each guest will receive a 15% discount card to use at Soigne after the brunch. Soigne will be open for a limited time on Sunday from 11:30 - 3pm.

Soigne Boutique carries several designers including Susana Monaco, Voom, BCBG Generations, and French Connection.

It should be a tasty brunch and fun fashion show. If you can't make it, you can come back to my blog and read about how it went because I will be writing up a review.

Monday, October 12, 2009

why a blog about austin fashion?

There is no denying that Austin is a unique and eccentric city. "Keep Austin Weird" is our slogan, and a lot of people here are doing their part by what they choose to wear. In Austin, pretty much anything goes. One of the things that people love about the fashion of this city is that you can never be too under-dressed for anything here. I can't keep track of how many times I have thought to myself "do i need to dress up more? Oh wait, it's Austin." It's our casual coolness that keeps our city laid back and our fashion funky. I was the maid of honor at my sister's wedding in September and at the reception I kicked off my heels and threw on my cowboy seemed appropriate since it was at the Driskill Hotel and I was staying at the Cattle Baron Suite. I think the juxtaposition of a nice dress with worn out boots exemplifies the style in this town. It's also one of my favorite things to do with an outfit. Mix and match new and old; couture and thrift. So why am I creating a blog about the fashion in this town? For one, because I love fashion and I love observing people's style. And secondly, there are so many stores in this town that it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with where to go to buy what. So I am here to help y'all with that. So I hope you come back to my blog because I will have more detailed posts soon. And most importantly I hope you have fun keepin austin stylish.

I must also mention that it has been reported that Leslie Cochran is in critical condition at Brackenridge Hospital and may be in a vegetative state due to head trauma. He is one of the most famous Austinites winning the fight to Keep Austin Weird and his wacky fashion choices that included leopard thongs and high heels made him an Austin style icon. Leslie as we know him might be gone forever and if so, he will truly be missed.