Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ATX Ladies Who Lunch

(from left to right: me, Sydney of Basic Cravings, Indiana of Adored Austin, Anslee designer of savannahred, Cathy of Austin Slave to Fashion, Jillian designer of Simmang Design, and Grechen of new to Austin)

 I finally made it out to one of the ATX Ladies Who Lunch lunches! It was so awesome to get to meet face to face all the awesome Austin blogger and fashion gals that I always communicate with via twitter.  ATX Ladies Who Lunch was started by Grechen who moved to Austin in January and started the blog "new to Austin."

All these girls are super fabulous on their own, so I think together as a group we are just one big explosion of fabulosity.  Watch out!

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So Many 4th of July Sales at Local Boutiques

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

America's Next Top Model Casting in Austin

Are you ready to smize??  Are you ready to live amongst a bunch of wannabe divas?  Ready to either be the girl or witness the girl who complains about her makeover and gets called out by the judges for it?  Are you ready to giggle through your best Tyra impression with the other girls?  Want to witness some sort of mental or physical breakdown by one of your housemates and/or Tyra?  Want to be in a photo shoot involving one of, or a combination of, the following: food, water, animals, nudity, paint?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stars and Stripes

I went around to the local boutiques and found some 4th of July inspired fashion.  Now, I'm not suggesting you wear a handful of these pieces together for this weekend, unless you want to look like you just stepped off an Uncle Sam parade float.  However, most of these pieces could be worn separately year round.  I especially am in love with the navy and white striped dress from Stanton.  It's a perfect representation of the Austin "casually chic" vibe because it looks quite chic but is made out of a comfortable cotton and feels as comfy as a worn in tee.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Freedom Ain't Free: Stag's 4th of July Weekend Flea Market & Sale

One of Austin's best (and only) all men's boutiques, Stag, is hosting it's first ever "Freedom Ain't Free" Flea Market and Sale on Fourth of July weekend.  This is a part flea market, part garage sale, part block party, and part hippie happening.  You can expect to see some deals on men's attire from some of America's best designers, a collection of antiques and oddities, classic records and vintage vinyl, locally designed tees and posters, vintage clothes and jewelry for both lads AND LADIES, food and drinks, and more.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Naturally Beautiful

Around the same time I started this blog I became interested in natural beauty products.  Now, months later, I am sort of obsessed.  But really if you think about it, shouldn't we be "obsessed" with what we put on/ in our body daily?  I think we should.  The stuff we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body, and I don't know about y'all, but I am not a fan of chemicals being inside of me.

Actually, ever since I started this whole natural product obsession I have become hyper sensitive to the smell of chemicals.  Today I walked inside my house after going on a run and I was really grossed out by the smell and then I realized it was because the dishwasher was washing dishes! (I guess I need to get some chemical free dishwasher detergent??)  I am perfectly fine with the smell of garlic being on my hands for hours or even a day affter cooking, but the smell of "clean" bothers me.  Maybe I'm just weird, but hopefully I am not alone here.  Austin is still full of hippies, right?

Here are some skin care/ beauty/bath products that I have come to love.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap: Treasure City Thrift Recycled Fashion Show

Thank you to Treasure City Thrift and iLoveMikeLitt for putting together an amazing fashion show.  I made the trek all the way to E.12th and Harvey St. for the local awesomeness this past Saturday.  I'm not really going to critique the fashion that was shown, because altogether it was just a fun show.  All of the designers approached the task of recycling thrifted materials differently.  Some chose to make political statements with their designs, while others chose to just make a statement...a statement that went kinda like "whoa! that's crazy."  And then there were the designs that you could actually see yourself rockin out on the town.  Regardless of their different styles and approaches, it was clear that all the designers have TALENT.  There was a lot of love at this show, and, it was just one more event that made me so happy to live in the amazing city of Austin!

Teddies for Betty's Trunk Show




Teddies for Betty's will be serving some sparkling cava while you get to check out Zinke's new summer collection (I'm kinda loving that purple plunging romper). You will also get the chance to pre-order the fall collection.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun Fashion Find: Father's Day edition

 found online at local boutique Bows and Arrows

I really like when guys are dressed in nice clothes.  It's sort of a rare thing to find in Austin.   These Gibson shoes are a perfect way to make a casual look nicer.  Put them with a pair of jeans and a casual button down and you are ready to go.  I also have to mention that I REALLY like the old school vibe of these shoes.

And just for fun, and because it's Father's Day, I rounded up some stylish vintage Dad photos:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Austin Designer Sample Sale: Recap

I went to check out the Austin Designer Sample Sale today at Linda Asaf's studio.  It was fun to get to see up close some of the clothes I have seen in fashion shows recently, such as Malissa Long's designs that I saw in the Les Artistes show.  I also got to see some new stuff and meet some designers that I was not as familiar with.  There were also some really good deals to be taken advantage of.  I, however, was not in the position to be spending ANY money, so I stayed away.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get to Know the Treasure City Thrift Fashion Show Designer: Lauren Perdue

Lauren Perdue is currently a hardworking slave to fashion studying fashion design at the University of North Texas in Denton.  The word "slave" is fitting as Lauren calls sewing "something I could not stop doing even if I wanted to".  Ms. Perdue admits in the past she has been a champion quitter, but with sewing, she took on a whole new attitude.  This attitude is what drove her to eventually pursue fashion design full force by going to Denton. She made it into the program this past fall as one of only 38 people accepted.

Unlike many designers, Lauren's interest in designing clothes originally was born out of necessity.  While attending school at the University of Texas in Austin, Lauren became involved in the UT Madrigals.  The Madrigals are a group of students who perform at the Madrigal Dinner every year around Christmas time.  Madrigals involves a singing choir of wenches and footmen, a play with a changing script each year, and a delicious four course feast (if you've never been, I highly recommend it).  Madrigals required Lauren to obtain a costume that a wench would be proud to wear.  Wrought with the task of finding a costume that would fit her figure, Lauren knew she needed to take matters into her own hands.  Containing a full figured woman's chest with just a corset requires some ingenuity.  This was a defining moment for Lauren.  The sewing may have started there but it definitely did not stop there.  Out of necessity bloomed a creative passion for design.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

5th Annual Austin Designer Sample Sale

It's time to save on some local couture.   Discounts on designs by local Austin designers.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion FAIL: put on a shirt

"you're not bartending at Beauty Bar right now" -my friend Josh

I don't care if you are an "artist", you're in some crappy band, or even if you have a nice body.  Not wearing a shirt at a party is just unacceptable...unless it's a pool party OR you are a baby.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Petticoat Always Makes You Feel Pretty

I have decided that wearing a petticoat automatically makes you feel pretty.  It kinda makes me feel like a little girl and a woman at the same time.  Twirling around in one reminds me of my childhood.  Actually I think this exact one I am wearing here is one that I twirled around in as a kid.  But, the poofy prettiness also reminds me of a wedding dress so then I start to feel old.  Either way, I like it.  I think I should wear this petticoat under stuff more often.   I also got to wear my red boots yesterday which doesn't happen often in the summer, but, it had been raining so they seemed appropriate.

I wore this outfit to play with deer, go to Wholefoods, and take my computer to the Apple store to get it fixed.  I went to the Apple store in the Domain which happens to be right next door to the new Anthropologie.  So you can probably guess where I spent my 15 minutes while waiting for my computer. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sway This Way

I know a lot of my dedicated readers are super stylish gals, so I thought y'all might be interested in this really cool new website that is about to launch called Sway. is a website where the member is the fashion buyer and designer.  Sway members will be able to vote on a look and critique it. The look with the most votes will then get produced by Sway.  Then the pieces will be sold to the members for 24-hours at wholesale price. After the 24-hour “flash sale”, the pieces will then be sold at full retail price for non-members.

Doesn't that sound nifty? Here is the link for y'all to sign up and become a member:

If you sign up via that link, you also get a present from me (well, I guess it's technically from Sway)

I can't wait to get to vote on stuff!

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Underwear Summer Sale

Local lingerie boutique Underwear is having a Summer SALE starting tomorrow for 3 days only.

Thursday June10 - Saturday June 12

Seasonal merchandise 30- 60% off
Clearance merchandise up to 80% off

And I believe the sale applies to their online store as well.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prototype Vintage "Proto-Man" Launch Party

Prototype Vintage Design has expanded their Men's store and they are having a party this Friday to celebrate!  Beer, vintage clothing, and music.  What more could a stylish Austinite ask for?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bambi Lusts Over the Woodsies

I have no business buying a pair of $165 5 inch heels right now, but, that didn't keep me from trying them on.  Even though I felt like a newborn baby fawn awkwardly ambling around in these Jeffrey Campbell "Woodsies", I couldn't help but imagine how brilliant it would be if I could have them and learn to strut around town without fear of wobbling and ending up in a bush somewhere.

Shop Crafty is Accepting Applications for Vendors


The Lone Star Ladies are doing it again! These ladies love putting together family-friendly events that celebrate the Handmade Community of Austin.  Shop Crafty will feature:
  • two craft lounges with Austin-area crafting and art studios doing demos and make-and-takes
  • a juried selection of over 60 crafters featuring 100% handmade items
  • a charity raffle for Crafting Comfort
  • and more activities for the whole family
Shop Crafty is currently accepting applications for vendors.  All crafters, independent designers, and fine artists are invited to apply.  To apply go to
    Tickets for this event will be $5 at the door or buy one get one free online (tickets will be available online later).  Proceeds from this event will go to Crafting Comfort.

    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    Do Not Fear the Pop of Color

    Ya know how stylish people are always using the term "pop of color"?  If you watch design shows or makeover shows you will hear this phrase used a lot.  Examples, "the bright red pillows add a pop of color to the couch" or "the yellow purse is the perfect pop of color next to the grey dress."

    Well, this necklace is my favorite pop of color at the moment.  I knew when I bought this necklace during the winter, that I would be rockin the shit out of it during the summer.  I guess it works during the winter too, but, it comes alive in the summer.  I have been wearing it with tons of different dresses lately.  It makes everything POP! 

    If you see a bright bold accessory like this one, you might be afraid that you won't have anything to wear it with, but this is a wrong assumption! Crazy bright colors go with a lot.  Do not fear the pop of color.

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    Glam Shop

    Exclusive shopping, complimentary cocktails, bite specials, and live music!  Glam Shop is coming to the 2nd St. District.  Hosting shops include: Bo Concept, Plain Ivey Jane, gallery D, Estilo, Girl Next Door, Eliza Page, and Beyond Tradition.

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    The TOMS Wedge

    If you don't know bout TOMS, besides living under a rock, you also are probably unaware that they released their new Wedge today.  Everyone is all a twitterin about it.  When I first saw pictures of the TOMS wedge several months ago, my first thought was "Wow.  They are actually kinda cute."  I came to the conclusion awhile back that the TOMS shoe wearer falls into one of several categories:
    -they wear them because they actually think they are cute (this is the rarest breed)
    -they pretend to think they are cute because buying them helps a good cause (i think most fall into this category)
    -they don't care if they are cute or not because they are comfy and practical
    -they are a hipster and hipsters wear TOMS

    Estilo Fashion Show Tomorrow

    One of the 2nd St. District's best boutiques, Estilo, is having a fashion show tomorrow at Six Lounge. This event is benefiting Ignite a Dream and their athletic programs for the underprivileged youth of Austin.