Monday, September 19, 2011

Style Watch: ACL 2011

Austin is always a great city to people watch, but ACL has to be the absolute best time to people watch in Austin.  I had a blast listening and dancing to great live music this weekend, but when I wasn't shakin it, I was scouting interesting style and capturing photos of people in the wild of Zilker Park.

This year ACL had a few standout trends:

-The "I'm pretending to be Native American" look
-The "Hey, my boyfriend has on a striped shirt"
-Retro Hats
-Hippie headbands
-Cropped shirts
-Cutout dresses

As far as the fashion choices of the performers went, I give it up to Santigold for her and her backup girls having THREE costume changes (I totally support multiple costume changes during shows)!  But, the best dress award goes to RĂ©gine Chassagne from Arcade Fire.  Her dress was pretty and sparkly and magical, just like their performance.

 "The Fallen Hipster"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Upcoming Event: Gagarazzi

Get ready for the best excuse to not wear pants in public, to learn how to make a hair bow, to wear a dress made of meat, to dress up in drag (guys as girls or girls as guys would both work!), or to glue a bunch of stuffed animals together and wear it with pride.  It's almost time for Gagarazzi!  I expect there to be some awesomely weird outfits at the Highball on September 30th for this special Lady Gaga event benefitting Equality Texas.

What you can experience at Gagarazzi:

-Pre-show at 9pm with music videos, Gaga karaoke, and more
-Costume Contest with prizes for Best Gaga, Most Creative, and Most Original
-Show at 10pm with performances by: The Jigglewatts, Dolls From The Crypt, Black Widow Burlesque, Austin City Showgirls, Oh Baby Burlesque, Stars & Garters and more
-Dance Party til 2am
-Gaga themed raffle prizes donated by local artists and businesses including a $50 gift card to Strut, a private party at Underwear worth $500, a gift certificate to Million Tattoos of $150 and more!

Tickets: $7 at the Door, $5 with costume (why would you NOT come in costume to this event?)

For some costume inspiration, check out this promo video Homespun Horror made for the event:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Upcoming Event: TRIBEZA Style Week

Now that we have all rested up after our OD of Austin Fashion Week, it's time to hit the fashion bottle again and indulge in another week of style with TRIBEZA Style Week.  Thursday September 22nd kicks off Style Week with a boutique crawl of one of Austin's more upscale shopping areas, 2nd St. District.

Personally, I can't get enough of this stuff so I am super pumped for another week of stylish events and fashion shows!

Here's a guide to TRIBEZA Style Week! :

Friday, September 9, 2011

ATown: an Austin Lifestyle Store

You know when your friend comes into town to visit and wants to go shopping?  Besides taking them to all the great vintage stores Austin has to offer (that's a must of course), there's now a new store you might want to add to your list.  ATown is a surprisingly large boutique with a lot to offer to both Austinites and those visiting Austin.  Among the trendy clothing and beauty products lies an impressive selection of jewelry and art from local Austin designers.  Just like a good book, ATown gets more and more interesting as you delve further into the store.  The back section of ATown is set up much like an art gallery displaying things from local artists such as upcycled jewelry, artistic prints, paintings, and more random treasures.  ATown is a very gift-centric store, so it would be super easy for a visiting friend to leave here with a little piece of mustache cufflinks perhaps?

I'm glad to see another boutique supporting local artists and designers!

Women, Style, and Bicycles

I was flattered and super excited when Shari Gerstenberger, the owner of what has quickly become one of my favorite vintage stores in Austin, asked me to model for a new blog.  Shari styled me in some groovy colorful and psychedelic digs from Charm School Vintage for my photo shoot for Femme et Velo.  Check out some of the past stylish Austin gals that have modeled for this cool blog...

Tiffany Tso of Austin is Burning

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Upcoming Event: Fashion's Night Out

Tonight is Fashion's Night Out! FNO is a global shopping event that was created in 2009 to celebrate fashion (and help boost the economy).  You can check out the Fashion's Night Out website for a list of events happening in Austin at retail chains.  But, here are a few local Austin boutiques that are participating in FNO that you won't find listed on their site!..

Celebrate Tribeza's September Style issue at By George's FNO event with music, drinks by Pacifico and Deep Eddy Vodka, bites from Blackbird Bakery, and looks for fall .

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ready For Cooler Weather

I woke up this morning and had a calm and peaceful feeling about me.  What was that organic sound outside my window?  The trees were rustling in the wind creating something that could only be upstaged by waves gently crashing on a shore.  Besides creating a relaxing sound to wake up to, what does this sound mean?  A cold front has arrived this morning!  Well, not really a cold front, more like a "cool front".  That is of course if you consider 90 degree weather to be cool...which I do.

Temperatures may still technically be summer degrees, but the sound of leaves blowing in the wind has got me excited about Fall.  It also helped that I took a trip to Dog & Pony yesterday to get an idea of what Fall/Winter clothes I could expect to see this season from one of my favorite local boutiques. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Austin Hat Week

Austin Fashion Week this year could have been called Austin Hat Week.   Every time I turned around I saw another interesting and vintage inspired head piece.  Sometimes a hat adds something to an outfit making the ensemble look complete and finished.  But, other times a hat is the star of the show making the rest of the outfit draw your attention to the hat itself.  I saw instances of both of these stylish scenarios during Austin Fashion Week this year.  I think the amount of hats I saw during the week can be attributed to the fact that there are several hat designers in Austin itself.

It makes sense that there would be an abundance of hat designers in Austin.  Austin is a town known for loving vintage.  There was once a time when it was considered disgraceful for a lady not to wear a hat outside of the house.  While these societal pressures of yesteryear will obviously never become the norm in Austin, I can see vintage style hats becoming a more popular staple in our fashion scene.

Will you be wearing a vintage style hat this fall/winter season?  

dress by Wolfon Wear
hat by Misty Mittelstedt