Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Pattern of Coffee and People

It's unusually fitting that a coffee house named after a classic fabric pattern would mix coffee sipping with vintage shopping.  With "Fancy Fridays" happening every Friday for the month of February, Houndstooth Coffee welcomes you to put on your "fancy" frills, enjoy some hand brewed coffee, and maybe walk out with a special vintage find.  But don't let the word "fancy" turn your t-shirt wearing self away.  The people behind Fancy Fridays say "fancy" is subjective and open to interpretation.  Good thing, because this is Austin after all and the phrase "casual Fridays" is much more likely to get participators.  However, I did really appreciate the well dressed baristas and customers that I saw on Friday, so I encourage everyone to embrace it if you're feeling fancy. 

Last Friday was not only the first Fancy Friday for Houndstooth Coffee, but was also the first pop up shop ever for Hold Vintage owner Stephanie Press.  While the selection was seemingly small occupying just a tiny corner of the coffeehouse, there were surprisingly many great appropriately priced pieces.  Stephanie is pretty new to the vintage game, having been curating vintage for only about a year now.  However, Stephanie already has a great collection of not only vintage clothing and accessories, but housewares and decor as well.  Stephanie showed what she called her "Urban Pioneer" collection with Southwestern printed bags, gingham dresses, plaid button downs, and bolo ties to name a few.  Stephanie plans on having the pop up shop themed differently every Friday.

Just when I had asked to have my yummy tea (I don't drink coffee) poured into a to-go cup, I ended up hanging out at Houndstooth chatting with Stephanie and her friends about fashion, Austin, business, and everything in between.  Hours later I felt like I had failed the environment having not needed a to-go cup at all.  An ironic occurrence after listening to Stephanie discuss her passion for sustainability.  It was a lovely afternoon and I'll definitely be coming back next Fancy Friday to see what theme Stephanie sets up next.  Besides meeting some lovely new friends, I lucked out and walked away with that rad Native American pink scarf pictured below.  What, or who, will I find next week at Fancy Friday?
Hold Vintage owner Stephanie Press

Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish


Chelle Lynn said...

Coffee and vintage, what could be a better combination! I'm so bummed that I won't be in Austin for a Friday this month (I will, however, arrive on a Saturday...oh, cruel fate!)

Stephanie said...

It was nice to meet you, Joanna, and I'm so glad you were able to sit down and visit with us awhile. Look forward to seeing you at the next pop up!