Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Local Costs Less: The Multifunctional Scarf

It's getting cold (sort of), and I have the perfect accessory for the fall/winter season that will keep you feeling warm and looking hot! I introduce to you the "circle" or "infinity" scarf. This little guy suffers from a personality disorder where he doesn't know whether he wants to be a scarf, a wrap, or a hood. I suggest you embrace his quirks and wear him how you please. This type of scarf was featured on the Oprah show on Monday. You can find the one Oprah featured at the Limited for $39.50 or you can get a larger version at American Apparel for $28.
But because I know my Austinites would like to get this look for less, you can keep it local and go to SoLa where they have the "circle scarf" for only $18! It comes in a variety of colors, so you have some options. And just so you know, these scarves are super soft and made of the same material as their more expensive and less local counterparts.

(In case you want to rush out to SoLa to get one of these babies, make sure you go to the SoLa that is in the Triangle at W.47th st. because the SoLa on South Lamar is closed til Sunday for remodeling.)

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Anonymous said...

Metro Park has this type of scarf in styles for men and women for $16-$19.

joanna said...

I think all of these types of scarves are unisex which is awesome.