Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fashion FAIL of the Month

It's only 3 days into the month of November and I am sad to say that I already have the Fashion Faux Pas of the month: denim on denim. Come on Austin! I know we live in Texas so we have the whole cowboy and jeans look going for us sometimes, but seriously, this is just too much. Pick one or the other: denim on top OR denim on bottom. Preferably denim on bottom! Who wears a denim shirt? This guy does apparently, and it's just not doing it for me...or any other woman on the planet. Friends don't let friends dress like this. If you know someone who tries to commit this crime, don't let it happen. We have to get together and save one another in the fight to keep austin stylish.

Thanks Nick for sending in this photo. If you find a fashion faux pas in Austin and you would like to send it to me, email me at joannaftw@gmail.com with "fashion faux pas" in the subject line.

keep austin stylish


Ashley said...

It's called a Canadien tuxedo and it's amazing!

joanna said...


Mitchell said...

Who's Ashley and why can't she spell the word "Canadian"?
Mitch, from Canada

James McDaniel said...

Thank God we don't name people Mitchell in Canada; the bullying!