Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TOMS Reveals Their Next One for One Product

Today was the day.  TOMS revealed that their next One for One Product is....Eyewear!  Did you guess it? I had a couple of ideas but eyewear never came to my mind, but it totally makes sense.

"from this day forward TOMS is not a shoe company.  It's not an eyewear company.  But it's a One for One company."

Pretty cool.  I dig it.

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Camila said...

Ah! They are stealing the Warby Parker model of business! I don't know why, of all things, they felt the need to expand into eyewear. Somewhat of a leap from footwear, don't you think?

joanna said...

Oh wow. I didn't even know about that. Looks like they kinda did. But the thing with TOMS is that they are really good at marketing their brand and their name.

I don't think eyewear is that great of a leap from footwear considering the purpose of TOMS and how the company was started. I was actually thinking it might be something even less related to footwear.

I wonder if hipsters are going to start sporting TOMS sunglasses now...

Ashley said...

I was thinking the same thing. I have a few pairs of Warby Parker frames and I've been hearing more and more buzz about the company over the last year, but they def don't have the rep that TOMS does. I like that they don't have "WARBY PARKER" emblazoned across the sides, cost half as much, and include prescription lenses. Sexy hipster geek.