Thursday, June 2, 2011

TOMS, What's Your Next Chapter?

TOMS (the charitable company responsible for making the preferred shoe of hipsters in Austin) are about to reveal the next chapter of their One for One campaign.  Yes, TOMS is cranking out a brand new product.  

One of the vaults that will be opened on June 7th was at the Tribeza Lawn party last night, and since seeing it my mind has been racing.  What could be in there??

If TOMS was just another popular shoe company, the obvious choice is that they would reveal something like a clothing line or some type of other accessory, right? T-shirts, shorts, cotton dresses maybe?  But, considering that the point of TOMS is to give shoes to children in developing countries so that they are less likely to get diseases and more likely to attend school, it's interesting to try and guess what would be another beneficial One for One product.  Maybe it's completely unrelated to fashion.

What product do you think TOMS will reveal next Tuesday?

If you are just dying to know, you can go to Tyler's on the drag or Nordstrom at Barton Creek on Tuesday June 7th at noon for the big reveal!

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Chief time keeper said...

Hope it's not watches.

joanna said...

Ha! Now that would be funny.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

First of all, how was the Lawn Party? I meant to go to that last night ... but alas, plans changed. Anyway, back to Toms. A social media site for shoes? Shwitter?

Micah said...

**name drop alert** I'm friends with Blake, so maybe I should just ask him. I mean, he'll tell me...right?? ;)

joanna said...

Tolly- the Lawn party was cool. Was super chill with a beautiful venue.

Micah- umm if you are friends with Blake and I am friends with you then does that mean I can be friends with Blake?? hehe