Monday, July 11, 2011

Recap: Anime/Cosplay/Steampunk Fashion Show

Whips, chains, goggles, antlers, fairy wings, assless chaps.  Those were just some of the things you could have seen at the Anime/Cosplay/Steampunk Fashion Show on Sunday night.  This show was a fun creative opportunity for local designers to present more "out there" costume designs versus wearable street wear. Although, I'm sure a lot of these Austinites wouldn't be afraid to walk down the street in these looks.  Someone's gotta keep Austin weird, right?

The highlight of this fashion show (besides myself being flogged by my friend Jeremiah) was when one of the models/ballet performers walked the "runway" entirely en pointe.  Check out my photo of her ballet strut below.  It was a crazy thing to witness.

Looks for this show created by: Jinxedaposed Clothing,  Iron Workz,  Jennifer Hearts Art,  LaLa Designs,  Gutterbound Clothing,  and Karma's Fun Fashions.

This fashion show was also a birthday party for the two partners of Jinxedaposed Clothing, Jinxy and Coby.  Happy Birthday Jinxy and Coby! And check out the killer heels Coby was wearing...!

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allergic to vanilla said...

What amazing creativity- this is what makes a city special!! Love that deep purple bobbed wig, fantastically fierce eye makeup, and hello leather pants :)

xo Carlina

Drei said...

Asian are more good at anime cosplay but them it comes to fashion americans are better. Thumbs up for that good steampunk fashion!

MJ ~ nurse scrubs