Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vintage Vivant

There's just something about pin curling your hair and wearing a floor length gown that gets you feeling like a glamorous gal.  Vintage Vivant is a monthly one night event described as a "night for glamorous anarchists to dance, drink, and delight at a bevy of 1920s and 30s themed entertainment."  As I sat at the Swan Dive in my vintage dress from Blue Velvet munching on some "grapes of wrath" I wondered why I had never attended this event before.  

Vintage Vivant is the perfect opportunity to play dress up.  And seeing as I like to play dress up almost every day, this party seemed like something I would have gone to a long time ago.  The Great Depression themed party a few weekends ago was my first Vintage Vivant experience, but it definitely won't be my last.  This event is held once a month with a different theme, and I am already anticipating the next one!

Check out my photos from the event:

click here to see all of the photobooth photos from the Great Depression party! 

July's theme will be Love on the Left Bank – La Vie Parisienne and I will be there so make sure you are subscribed to me on Plancast to stay updated on all the stylish events!

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Anonymous said...

This dress looks amazing on you!

joanna said...

Thanks Sydney!

Nikki Cloud said...

You look fabulous J!

emc said...

gorgeous dress! looks like a fab party!


Action Jackson said...

Your dress totally rocks! Love the finger wave hairstyle too.

Jess (hellowifeonline.com) said...

I keep meaning to go to a Vintage Vivant event. Thanks for the inspiration!