Friday, November 4, 2011

Gail Chovan Has Me Creating Storylines With Her Fall/Winter Collection For Blackmail

The setting for Gail Chovan's fashion show last Tuesday was absolutely lovely.  Justine's provided an intimately casual yet sophisticated backdrop for Gail Chovan's artistic fall/winter collection for Blackmail.  What I love about Gail Chovan's designs is that she provides a full collection that tells a story.  What's the story told here?  To me, I see these girls as dark princesses in a post apocalyptic world fighting for love.  For seem reason it wouldn't be surprising to me if these girls had swords or maybe guns (if they are lucky enough to find them), hiding in their dresses.   I think it's how Gail uses silhouettes of the past and updates them in a modern way that has me creating these stories.  Her clothes are hard while still maintaining a softness, and edgy while still maintaining beauty.

Designer Gail Chovan with her daughter

Joanna Wilkinson
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