Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Local Makeup Entrepreneur, Rochelle Rae, Goes Red For Women

The other day I got to sit down with the founder and owner of makeup line, Rae Cosmetics.  Rochelle Rae explained to me how she transitioned from being a painter and a graphic designer to being a makeup artist.  While working at a design firm, Rae met a makeup artist and "decided she had one of the best jobs ever.  She got to make people feel pretty and feel good about themselves."  Rae tested out her curiosity  in makeup at the Los Angeles School of Makeup, and decided she wanted to make that her full time career.

So how does one go from being a makeup artist to actually designing her own makeup?
When Rae moved back to Austin from L.A. she became passionate about finding a makeup that would stay on through the hot and humid Austin summers.  "I wanted to see if it was possible to design makeup that was sweat resistant, and that's what we did."  Rae describes her makeup as the perfect makeup for active women who are running after three kids, jogging, going to pilates class, or just trying to survive the summer in Austin, Texas.

Besides being sweat resistant, Rae cosmetics also likes to give back to the community.  Rae's makeup is cruelty free, supports environmentally friendly packaging, and donates to several organizations.  Rae's latest effort in giving back is her creation of the "Little Red Dress" lip set for the Go Red For Women Campaign which raises awareness of heart disease for women.  Fifty percent of all the proceeds from the lip set go towards the Little Red Dress section of the American Heart Association.  Rae says "it really goes back to trying to find a cure for the number one killer of women."

When it comes to red lipstick, Rae says that the bright color scares off a lot of women because they don't know how to wear it.  Using her "Little Red Dress" lip set, Rae demonstrated for me how to apply red lipstick on Maricela Wilson.  Maricela is one of three Austin women selected as national Go Red Women and is a Latina heart disease survivor working to make her family traditions more heart healthy.

Check out the video I made with Rochelle Rae and Maricela Wilson:

The Little Red Dress lip set is $32 and available for purchase online at www.raecosmetics.com, Rae Cosmetics Studio in Austin, or any of the other 23 locations where Rae Cosmetics is sold.

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