Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ready For Cooler Weather

I woke up this morning and had a calm and peaceful feeling about me.  What was that organic sound outside my window?  The trees were rustling in the wind creating something that could only be upstaged by waves gently crashing on a shore.  Besides creating a relaxing sound to wake up to, what does this sound mean?  A cold front has arrived this morning!  Well, not really a cold front, more like a "cool front".  That is of course if you consider 90 degree weather to be cool...which I do.

Temperatures may still technically be summer degrees, but the sound of leaves blowing in the wind has got me excited about Fall.  It also helped that I took a trip to Dog & Pony yesterday to get an idea of what Fall/Winter clothes I could expect to see this season from one of my favorite local boutiques. 

For the summer, Dog & Pony mastered the jort by turning old denim into new modern pieces with the use of distressing and studding.  For the fall, they have created a new DIY project for plaid.  Vintage plaid shirts are starting to get a makeover at Dog & Pony.  You can expect to see more of these comfy modified shirts from Dog & Pony owner Star Lee and her team this season. 
All clothing available for purchase at Dog & Pony
styling by Michael Ragen

Are you ready for Fall/Winter clothes?

keep austin stylish

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