Friday, September 2, 2011

Austin Hat Week

Austin Fashion Week this year could have been called Austin Hat Week.   Every time I turned around I saw another interesting and vintage inspired head piece.  Sometimes a hat adds something to an outfit making the ensemble look complete and finished.  But, other times a hat is the star of the show making the rest of the outfit draw your attention to the hat itself.  I saw instances of both of these stylish scenarios during Austin Fashion Week this year.  I think the amount of hats I saw during the week can be attributed to the fact that there are several hat designers in Austin itself.

It makes sense that there would be an abundance of hat designers in Austin.  Austin is a town known for loving vintage.  There was once a time when it was considered disgraceful for a lady not to wear a hat outside of the house.  While these societal pressures of yesteryear will obviously never become the norm in Austin, I can see vintage style hats becoming a more popular staple in our fashion scene.

Will you be wearing a vintage style hat this fall/winter season?  

dress by Wolfon Wear
hat by Misty Mittelstedt

dress by Ciarla Bride
hat by Lana Chu

dress by Ciarla Bride
hat by Lana Chu

dress by Ciarla Bride
hat by Lana Chu

dress by Ciarla Bride
hat by Lana Chu

dresses by Ciarla Bride (designer Jessica Ciarla on the far left)
hat by Lana Chu (designer Lana Chu on the far right)

hat by Mili Starr

dress by Tina Sparkles

dress by LaLa
hat by Milli Starr

dress by Tess Dress
hat by Milli Starr

dress by Ciarla bride

dress by Ciarla bride

London designer: Colunga

London designer: Colunga

London designer: Colunga

London designer: Colunga

If you are craving this look, here are my suggestions of where to find awesome vintage style headwear right here in Austin:

For one of a kind designer pieces:
-MilliStarr at Studio Downtown
-Lana Chu
-Megan Pinto Designs

For actual vintage pieces:
-Amelia's Retro Vogue
-Room Service vintage
-Blue Velvet vintage
-Gypsies Antiques
-Prototype Vintage
-Uncommon Objects

keep austin stylish


RebekahSlamm said...

Hey Joanna! This is Rebekah, we met at the Wolfpack Fashion event at Lucy Skyrocket. Misty Mittelstedt made the hat in the first picture. She's a stylist at Lucy.

I'm so enjoying reading and following your blog!

Kim said...

Hi Joanna! The model wearing the Wolfon Wear dress and the hat created by Misty Mittlestedt, is my daughter, Sky Van Vliet.