Monday, February 8, 2010

Be My Valentine: Part 2

Valentine's Day is this weekend! In Part 1 of Be My Valentine, I suggested the store Teddies for Bettys for your sexy undergarment shopping. Now that you are confident with what you will be wearing underneath, it's time to make sure you like what else you have on.

The perfect Valentine date outfit is naturally a dress. You will feel confident in a cute dress that is flattering for your figure, and if you are confident then your date will think you are hot! I suggest you shop at Blue Elephant for this weekend.

Blue Elephant is a local boutique on North Lamar that carries a mixture of designer brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs and True Religion, as well as some not as pricey but equally cute pieces.

Right now Blue Elephant has a really nice selection of fun dresses that would be perfect for this weekend. It's particularly nice to see a selection of dresses with lots of fun flirty color.

Blue Elephant also has awesome makeup and beauty products, including fabulous brands such as Tokyo Milk and Fresh. So after you find a super cute outfit on the right hand side of the store, you can move on to the left side and grab something that will make you smell irresistible (I suggest Dead Sexy by Tokyo Milk).

Blue Elephant also has quite a bit of accessories, so you can pick out the perfect jewelry and maybe even a Marc Jacobs clutch to complete your Valentine look. I hope y'all find something that makes you feel confident and sexy this Valentines!

P.S. Blue Elephant has the Joe's Jean Leggings that I posted about recently. They were actually pretty comfy! Of the Joe's leggings they only had the black distressed ones, but they also had a couple of other brands and styles of the jean leggings.

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