Friday, February 12, 2010

Walk Walk Fashion Baby: McQueen Walks Out of Our Lives

The fashion world was shocked Thursday Feb.11 to discover that fashion artist Alexander McQueen had died at the age of 40. I say "artist" instead of "designer", because that's what McQueen was. McQueen's fashion shows were always a visually stunning artistic production. He was one of those artists that you got really excited to see what he would come up with next.

say that McQueen was very close to his mother whose funeral was to take place one day after McQueen committed suicide in his home.

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Recently, Lady Gaga had become McQueen's muse. It seemed like the perfect collaboration since both artists were known for pushing boundaries and blurring the lines between grotesque and beautiful. Gaga proudly rocked McQueen's "armadillo" shoes in her Bad Romance video. Check out the amazingness!

Alexander McQueen will truly be missed by the fashion world.

keep Alexander McQueen's family and friends in your prayers
keep austin stylish

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