Thursday, February 4, 2010

When I open a fashion magazine...

When I open a fashion magazine I am looking for style inspiration. I skip past the articles about what my boyfriend is really thinking or what plastic surgery options will make my legs look thinner.

In fact, it's usually the designer ads that I stop and look at the most.

I guess it's not a surprise that I look at ads like they are art, since the dividing line between between art and marketing has been blurred for quite some time thanks to Mr. Warhol. I particularly find that with fashion ads, specific art influences can be found quite easily. I think this is why I find fashion photography beautiful.
The ad that got me thinking about all this is this one for Joe's Jean Legging.

The second I looked at it my brain screamed "Degas!" Degas has been one of my favorite artists for a long time, so this ad was particularly appealing to my Impressionist loving mind.

It got me wondering if the people for Joe's looked directly at Degas for inspiration or if they looked at what Degas had looked at for inspiration for so many of his works, ballet dancers. Because of the similar Impressionistic color schemes, I would be willing to bet that they looked at some Degas paintings. Either way, it makes me happy that Degas-like creations are still being produced, even if they are in the form of marketing tools.

By the way, this ad totally worked because I want to go to the store and try on these jean leggings! I wonder if they are comfy. And I wonder if any local boutiques are carrying them or will be carrying them soon...I will keep y'all updated on this!

keep looking for the art in everything
keep austin stylish

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