Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Hat's Off to You, Gentlemen

How could one resist an invitation to a house party that promises an acrobatic flame throwing duo? Well, one can't.

There were many things for me to feast my eyes on at the house party I went to last night. In addition to the flame throwing spectacle performed by Flourish and Fool, I of course was paying attention to the fashions of the night.

I have to give it up to my Austin guys for showing up in some stellar ensembles. I think Fool (or was it Flourish?) said it best when he used the fashionable adjective "dapper" to describe how the guests were looking that evening.

I was pleasantly surprised to see several hats that night with the sailor hat probably being the most intriguing. This fellow was wearing a sailor hat "because why wouldn't I wear a sailor hat?"

My friend Ruwan was hesitantly rocking a hat for the first time, but I assured him that it was a stylish maneuver. If you stylish guys out there are looking for a hat, I suggest the modern haberdashery HatBox.

He was hat-less, but I think my favorite outfit of the night was worn by this gentleman who was sporting some thrift store threads.

I admit it, I love the vintage look that you thin guys can pull off with your Mick Jagger tight pants. And the pulled together look of a vest with a tie is just too dang cute. Good work gentlemen.

keep austin stylish

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