Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun Fashion Find: Marshmallow Necklace

Normally around this time I would be out and about shopping my booty off at all the fabulous local stores in Austin looking for presents for my family and friends (while secretly doing some shopping on the side for myself.)

But this year, unfortunately, I have had zero time to do this (and plus now I'm sick at home.)  Thus I have been doing some online shopping (which I normally actually kinda hate to do).  However, I have recently discovered that Austin has a LOT of great Etsy shops.  I came across this marshmallow necklace while browsing the Austin Etsy stores and I thought it was really funny.

Found online at alliteration Etsy store, $9

Not only does this necklace make me want to put on my reindeer antlers and sip on some homemade hot chocolate, but, it also reminds me of a few Christmases ago when my dad bought us "kids" a marshmallow gun.  My dad loves to buy my siblings and I toys so that he can play with them.

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Side Street Style said...

Ooooh wow these are soo cute, I really want one :)
Great post

Laura x

Texanthropology said...

UM, now I want a marshmallow necklace AND a marshmallow gun.

joanna said...

I'm not gonna lie, the marshmallow gun was pretty fun. Father knows best.

lauramrtnz said...

ok i want hot coco now! Never heard of a marshmallow gun but i bet it would be reaaaally fun!