Saturday, December 11, 2010

MOSS Grand Opening Party

So stylish.  That's how everyone at the grand opening of the new clothing boutique MOSS looked Thursday night.  You could tell everyone in attendance was a fan of clothes.  If Masha and Emily (the owners of Feathers and now MOSS) had written a book on how to be stylish, last night it looked like everyone had read that book, studied it, and taken down notes.  I have never seen that many cool outfits in one room in Austin before.

It doesn't really surprise me that the opening of MOSS would have brought out so many stylish people.  Masha Harmeler and Emily Hoover have definitely made a name for themselves in the Austin Fashion world by opening up one of the best vintage boutiques in Austin, Feathers.  Feather's has not only won acclaim in Austin, but it has won acclaim nationally as well.  So when it was announced that they would be opening up a new store, it's no surprise that the stylish women in Austin would be excited and intrigued to see what MOSS has to offer.

MOSS is a designer consignment store which means they sell gently used designer brand clothing ( I saw brands such as Chanel, Diane von Furstenberg, and Max Azria to name a few) at a discount.  Personally I am usually not a fan of consignment stores.  I sort of feel like consignment the same way I feel about outlets.  If someone else didn't want the clothes, then why would I?  But with Emily and Masha doing the picking, I figured MOSS would be a different story.  And I was right.  The selection at MOSS was pretty awesome.  Everything in the store could be worked into a modern and stylish wardrobe.  I saw a lot of things that I wanted to try on.  Unfortunately I was too overwhelmed during the party to try on anything.  There were a LOT of people packed into that space (sorry to the girl whose foot I stepped on with my clunky Steve Madden clog).

As far as the pricing goes, prices didn't seem too outrageously high for me.  This stuff is designer so you aren't going to find anything too cheap.  It's not Ross it's MOSS.  But considering you will be finding some unique designer pieces, it's a pretty okay deal.  I probably won't be shopping at MOSS every weekend or anything (I don't want to completely blow all my dough on clothes), but, every now and then to find something special...yes!

Stay tuned for my Style Watch post to see what everyone was wearing at the MOSS party.

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Texanthropology said...

"It's not Ross, it's MOSS." Hahahaha!