Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday at Frisco

Most of my family is still in town for the holidays, which means I feel overfed and lazy (and loved).  My family is all about going out to eat.  Our days are planned entirely around our meals and where we will eat them.  When outsiders spend time around my family I'm pretty sure they are incredibly confused about how we are all not obese.  Today's New Year's Eve lunch was spent at a restaurant my family has been frequenting ever since I can remember, Frisco.  They somewhat recently updated their menu and added some new items, so I actually like the place even more now.

I can't believe I can fit into this skirt right now, or that I can be wearing a skirt without tights on New Year's Eve.  I love crazy Texas weather!

Happy New Year's Eve! 

top: Forever 21
necklace: Room Service
ring: VINCA 
belt: SoLa
skirt: Anthropologie
socks: TJMaxx
shoes: Steve Madden at Nordstrom Rack
bag: SoLa

keep austin stylish

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