Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recap: Austin Fashion Week 2011 Awards

The Austin Fashion Week 2011 Awards Show last Saturday put an end to this year's Austin Fashion Week, and as I write this blog post, I am currently in Austin fashion hibernation.  After a week of: fashion events, runway shows, mingling, heel wearing, cupcake eating, and champagne drinking, I have felt a need to: hide, eat healthy, stop drinking, wear flats and cowboy boots, and do yoga.  But don't worry, this extreme behavior should only last for about a week.

For the Awards I wore another vintage find from Feathers (are you starting to realize I am obsessed with this store?)

And here's what Austin's infamous Stephen Moser wore.  My friend Tolly from Austin Eavesdropper suggested that there should be a blog completely dedicated to what Stephen Moser wore.  While Stephen has showed up many a time in my Style Watch posts, I can't say that I have ever thought to create a blog completely dedicated to his ensembles.  But, it's not a bad idea.

The Awards Show was pretty much like most awards shows are...long and kinda boring.  If it hadn't been for Gail Chovan's collection walking the runway, my favorite part of the Awards Show woud have been the very beginning which featured a dance routine that incorporated different villains and superheroes.  When a show starts off with a guy in a Darth Vader costume dancing to dubstep, it's hard to go up from there.  But Austinite and owner of Blackmail, Gail Chovan's show was fabulously eerie and left me wanting more. 

The 81 Poppies collection, designed by Austinite Michelle Weisman, was a stark contrast to Gail's in that it was colorful, cheery, and much more mainstream.  It also featured jewelry by beautiful Austin designer Micah Yancey of BonBon.  Before the show Micah told me that for the runway she makes exaggerated and oversized pieces so that they stand out more on the runway.  Personally I think she should sell these pieces because I thought they were great.  But then again, what do I know?...I don't even have my ears pierced.

I was really confused when Linda Asaf's first look from her collection came out.  When someone behind me yelled "Go Britney!" I wasn't sure if it was because the model's name was Britney or if they were referring to Britney Spears circa 2001.  I'm not sure why she thought that was a look that needed a revival, but I'm just glad that it was disjointed from the rest of the collection, because some of the other pieces were cool.

(please excuse the poor quality of this photo as the flash didn't go off)

Thank you Cory Stout for being my photographer for the night!

Congratulations to all the winners of Austin Fashion Week 2011!

Best Designer: DEMIAN & ALEX
Best Retailer: TOUCH OF SASS
Best Mash Up Team: BELLA CORAZON
Best Photographer: CORY RYAN
Best Hair Stylist: MARTHA LYNN KALE
Best Makeup Artist: MANDY HERNANDEZ

Best Designer: KENDRA SCOTT
Best Retailer: ESTILO
Timothy White Mash Up Team: WILD HORSES
Best Photographer: CHAD HARLAN
Best Hair Stylist: LISA BROOKS
Best Makeup Artist: ROCHELLE RAE

Best Women’s Designer: LINDA ASAF
Best Men’s Designer: DEMIAN & ALEX
Best Jewelry Designer: KENDRA SCOTT
Best Accessories Designer: *ANNEMARIE*
Best Bridal Designer: JESSICA CIARLA
Best Children’s Designer: MY GIGI
Best Intimate Apparel or Swimwear Designer: MEGAN SUMMERVILLE
Best Home Accessories Designer: DEBORAH MAIN
Best Retailer: Women’s Clothing: BY GEORGE
Best Retailer: Men’s Clothing: STAG
Best Retailer: Vintage Clothing: FEATHERS BOUTIQUE
Best Retailer: Accessories & Handbags: CYPRESS VANGUARD
Best Retailer: Jewelry: ELIZA PAGE
Best Retailer: Kids & Baby: WEE
Best Retailer: Furniture & Home Decor: HOWL
Best Hair Stylist: Women’s Cut: NINA GAY
Best Hair Stylist: Men’s Cut: JOHNA SIMON
Best Hair Stylist: Colorist: LISA BROOKS
Best Photographer: Runway: CHAD HARLAN
Best Photographer: Editorial: JULIAN HUMPHRIES
Best Photographer: Product: GREGG CESTARO
Best Photographer: Editing: TANIA QUINTANILLA
Best Wardrobe Stylist (People’s Choice): LISA BARNES
Best Wardrobe Stylist (Industry Choice): BRANDY JOY SMITH
Best Wardrobe Stylist: Stage or Film: LISA BARNES
Best Wardrobe Stylist: Runway: SANDRA ANTOUN
Best Female Model: Editorial: CASSIDY BURKE
Best Female Model: Runway: BRIANNA FLEET
Best Male Model: Editorial: CHRISTIAN RAMIREZ
Best Male Model: Runway: KEN ECHOLS

keep austin stylish


Anonymous said...

You looked AMAZING in that dress! So great to see you that night.

BonBon Jewels said...

Thank you for the kind words, Joanna! Actually, those pieces WILL be for sale very soon. They are part of a full collection for Spring 2012 that will officially debut in its entirety in the coming weeks. The runway show was a sneak peek and I'm so excited to share more news on this!

Great recap and fantastic photos by Cory!

joanna said...

Awesome! Glad to hear that!

Michelle Weisman said...

Thanks for posting those wonderful photos!! Micah and I are actually working on this special collection for 81 Poppies Spring 2012 to be sold at stores!! :)
You looked great and so glad we finally got to meet! :)

Amy said...

Thanks for this great post! My personal fav, is 81 Poppies. Fresh, fun, beautiful, sylish, and comfortable. Owning several of their dresses myself, I can tell you I've never felt so beautiful & comfortable. GREAT photos!

Kitsch Trading Co said...

I love the comments about the Lovely Stephen Moser, a blog would be interesting most definitely. We are introducing the Stephen Mamillan Moser Glam-A-Zombie Award that this years zombie ball. It will be hosted at the W's ACL Live Moody Theatre on October 29th and starts at 9:00 p.m. The award for the best Stephen Moser look alike will be announced on the main stage and we hope to see you there lovely lady!