Sunday, October 9, 2011

You Can't Beat a Unicorn on a Stripper Pole

If you were wanting to see a typical fashion show, then you probably were disappointed with what took place last night at Dreaming In Color.  Local designers brought glitz and fabulosity to ND at 501 Studios with their Vitamin Water inspired costumes.  Instead of models working a runway, dancers and performers owned the stage by entertaining the crowd with sultry dance moves, tricks, and even some stripper pole acrobatics.  While all the costumes and performances were bubbling with creativity, the $1,000 Vitamin Water prize was awarded to Angeliska Polacheck who designed a costume seemingly inspired by a Lisa Frank themed birthday party on drugs.  While I thought that some of the other costumes were more interesting fashion wise, this night proved that you just cannot beat a unicorn on a stripper pole.    

Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish


Coco Coquette said...

Thanks for writing about our show! This show was created and produced by Coco Coquette, who will be presenting "Beautiful Monsters" at the ND on Tuesday, Oct. 25th. Hope to see you there!

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