Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Fabricker

The Empire State Building or even the Statue of Liberty did not make it onto the list of things I wanted to see when I visited New York a couple of years ago.  What did make it onto the list was a fabric store called Mood.  If you've ever watched Project Runway then you are familiar with this heavily stocked fabric store that the contestants flock to each week and hunt down fabric for their fashion design challenge.  If you have ever attempted to design clothing in Austin, then you are fully aware that Austin does not have a Mood or any fabric store of this caliber.

There is no doubt that Austin's fashion scene would be different if a fabric store with a big and versatile collection was right here in town.  Stores like Joann's may get the job done for arts and crafters, but for serious designers wanting to make a fashion line, they just don't cut it.

April Kling a.k.a. the Fabricker just might be the gal to end the fabric drought in Austin as she continues to shop for fabric all over the world.   April plans on opening a fabric store that she says will be the optimal place for clothing designers in Austin to get their fabric.

April Kling a.k.a. The Fabricker with some of her preview inventory

Here April discusses the current state of fabric choices in Austin while at her latest trunk show fundraiser for her up and coming store, Fabricker:

The Fabricker is planning more trunk shows where you will be able to view and purchase her fabrics.  I will keep y'all updated on those events via Plancast.

Will Fabricker become the Mood of Austin?
Designers in Austin, what is your current go-to store for fabric?

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