Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tribeza Style Week: Tribeza Fashion Show

Tribeza Style Week came to a close last Thursday night with the Tribeza Fashion Show featuring looks from By George, Feathers Boutique, Moss Designer Consignment, Y and I Boutique, Underwear, Estilo, Service Menswear, c.jane, The Garden Room, Kendra Scott Jewelry, Julian Gold, and Saks Fifth Avenue.  I thought the styling of this show was a step up from last year's as it involved more layering, detail, and texture.  It should come as no shock that my preferred looks of the night came from my personal favorites, Feathers and Moss.  Can I please have one of those colorful sequin dresses?...please?  Trends from this colorful, rich looking, and wearable runway included:

1) fur
2) sequins
3) fringe
4) knee high boots
5) vests for the guys

For some reason I couldn't stop dancing and wiggling in the photo pit, but I managed to get photos nonetheless (except for that one outfit that walked down the runway when the lights went out...)

By George

Feathers Boutique and Moss Designer Consignment

y and i boutique


The Garden Room

Service Menswear

Kendra Scott Jewelry



Julian Gold

Saks Fifth Avenue

Who had your favorite look of the night?

Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish


Anonymous said...

The white dress and fringe boots!
I need them in my life

joanna said...

I know! That was definitely one of my favorite outfits of the night. I'm hoping I can find less expensive vintage versions of those pieces.

Anonymous said...

I got the boots!!!! they were not terrible expensive...and they gave me 20% off for my birthday....Julian Gold definately has higher end things but, there is a little bit of everything. My point is...I was not intimidated like the larger stores make me feel. Definately want to check out feathers though!!!