Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun Fashion Find: Igntion Remix Necklace

This R.Kelly inspired heart necklace that reads "And After The Party It's The Hotel Lobby" might be the perfect gift for the girl with a heart (and sense of humor) of gold.

Found at Spartan on South Lamar, $70
or you can purchase online from the designer Erica Weiner's online store

Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish


livin wide said...

cute find! loving the site!

Jemibook said...

Oh man, that is amazing. Sadly it isn't on their website you linked. do they only sell it in store?

joanna said...

It was in the store the last time I was there which was the day I posted that. I think they also had a silver version.

Jemibook said...

Found it! It is making the blogs thanks to valentine's day - it is made by Erica Weiner [ ]

joanna said...

@Jemibook, Sweet! I'll update and put that link on there.