Monday, December 5, 2011

My Outfit: 90s School Kid

What have you been wearing lately in this gross weather?  When it starts to get chilly, I turn to button downs, mostly of the plaid and flannel variety.  I walked into Sugar Mama's the other day and I swear the guy working the counter and I had the same shirt on.  Oh well!

The best thing about this outfit, besides the fact that I'm wearing super thrifty things that came from Goodwill and TJMaxx, is the bag!  This classic looking purse is actually in fact a CAMERA BAG.  It's so genius and one of the coolest things I have ever purchased online.  It's the perfect bag for a fashion blogger like myself who has to look cute while also carrying around a camera.  

hat and boots I've had for a long time: Anthropologie and Aldo
Ralph Lauren Blazer: TJMaxx
shirt: Goodwill
DIY shorts: Goodwill
camera bag/purse: The It

And if anyone is diggin this look, there is a super rad vintage 90's Ralph Lauren blazer at Feathers right now:
Size Large

Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish


Jennifer King said...

I've had my eye on THEIT bags for a while. They look extremely functional for holding all the camera goods, and they're cute. I like the one you have in black.

I tend to dress the same everyday when the weather turns to bleh like it is now. Jeans, grungy lace-up boots, a button-up (like you), and a super cozy jacket. I'm trying to challenge myself a bit more to actually put some creativity into those looks, but we'll see.

Andrea said...

I used my American Apparel Groupon the other day to make a wise investment in a soft, warm cape. I'm sort of glad for this weather, since it gives me an excuse to wear it.

Also, I love that purse!

Urban Jungle Fashion said...

Thank you SO MUCH for featuring that bag. I carry around my Nikon so much that i'm beginning to wish i just had a point and shoot camera. However ,that bag you featured is fun and chiq and would solve me issue. I'm loving EVERYTHING about this look as well... ESP that blazer!