Monday, December 12, 2011

Style Watch: MOSS One Year Anniversary

When: 12-09-2011

It was only a year ago that Austin's favorite designer consignment boutique opened its doors on South Lamar.  I recall snapping photos at the MOSS grand opening party last year and thinking that it was one of the more stylish crowds I had seen in Austin.  A year later at their anniversary party, I got to capture some awesome style once again...

This gal admits she likes to borrow from other closets to create outfits.  But she definitely doesn't borrow from her roommate's closet...definitely NOT her roommate's.  Did you read that, roommate?

Jenny Woys of Trendvixen and Champagne Derelicts, delights in a dreamy all white ensemble complete with sparkly snake jewelry. 

A metallic collar creates a unique stand-out look to an otherwise simple outfit donned by the manager of By George SoCo, Jessica Thompson.

The obligatory photos of dudes sporting old school mustaches.

A visitor thinking about moving to Austin sporting some leather and (I think faux) fur.  Austin welcomes you and your style.  

I think I might have inspired this group to start a band.

This gal's funky sweater was a vintage find at Vintage Martini in Dallas.

Co-owner of Feathers, Emily Hoover and Tyler Reed Cochran of Via Christa discuss whether or not he could rock her rad leather bell bottoms.

It's all in the details for a constant hair color changing Sarah Jessica Dean of Magnolia Family Vintage.  I love that her leather jacket is holding on for dear life with a slew of safety pins. ( I also love her new hair color.)

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