Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Co Star Makes South Congress Even Brighter For the Guys

Where do guys shop in Austin?  I often find myself asking this question because it seems to me there aren't many options for guys in this town.  But if there's one area of Austin that has been helping to solve this issue for the stylish men out there, it's South Congress.  With Service Menswear, Stag, and the multiple vintage stores lining the street, this area gives some hope to the guys.  Continuing to help this cause, is the newest store to plant its feet on the SoCo scene, Co Star.  Brought to you by Maya Krauss and Richard Gordoa who already own the South Congress womens boutique Maya Star, Co Star offers selections for both girls and guys.  Although Co Star offers noteworthy brands for the gals with Dolce Vita dresses, Joe’s Collection, Mink Pink, BLEULAB reversible denim (um I kinda want these), and jewelry from House of Harlow and Vanessa Mooney, it's the menswear selection that actually caught my eye while doing some browsing over Christmas break.

Maybe it's simply due to the lack of boutiques offering mens clothing that the clothing for guys got my attention.  But, this attention might be well deserved considering the store offers a vast selection of graphic tees, button downs, denim, and more from well known labels such as Schott, French Connection, Joe’s Jeans, WeSC, G-Star RAW, and Genetic Denim.  It's definitely the premium denim for both guys and girls that would have me coming back to Co Star, as well as suggesting it to my guy friends who (rightfully) hate shopping at malls.  

And for all the guys out there reading this blog post (I know there are at least 6 of you), when purchasing a pair of jeans please keep in mind that this is pretty much ALL YOU WEAR, so please do not be afraid to spend over $100 on quality denim.

Joanna Wilkinson
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The Happiest Activist said...

Of course I'm excited any time a new store opens on SoCo, but a store that sells denim goods for men is especially tantalizing. So, you can understand my disappointment when I was completely ignored upon my first visit to Co*Star. And, when I finally had the salesgirl's attention, she was short with me and didn't know the price of the one (unmarked) pair of jeans I was interested in.

Plenty of other shops on SoCo sell similar menswear, but at least their employees seem happy to have me in their store.

Hola Lola said...

I'm obsessed with this store! Have bought several fabulous items at a reasonable price. It never fails when I wear something from Co-Star that I receive numerous compliments. I've only had excellent experience with the staff....always super friendly. Happy to have them in our neighborhood!