Monday, January 30, 2012

My Outfit: Cowgirl Clothing

I always make sure to head north on I-35 around this time of year.  Even though my family owns a farm, I don't consider myself to be much of a country gal.  But it's fun every now and then to play up this cowgirl vibe I have deep inside me from growing up in Cowtown.  I've been going to the Ft. Worth rodeo since a little kiddo and I have many memories of spending time sitting in those same seats every year with my friends and family.  The last time I spent with my Dad before he passed away was when I came into town for the rodeo.  My Dad and I walked around the Stockyards, just the two of us, and he willingly and proudly took photos of me for my blog.  It was a surreal experience to come back this year and experience the rodeo without my Dad.  I miss him more than I could easily explain and still almost a year later can't believe he is gone.

fringe jacket: Blue Velvet Vintage
antique rings and bracelet: K. Flories Antiques in Ft. Worth
necklace: SoLa

Joanna Wilkinson
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