Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday the 13th Fashion Massacre

Blood glittered from swan-like necks, girls hid their doe eyes behind hockey masks, and machetes were swung in the night.  It was just another typical Friday night in Austin *sigh*.  

Friday the 13th's Fashion Massacre celebrated the move of Austin's collective of independent fashion designers and artisans formerly known as Cypress Vanguard into Sugar Gay Isber's Sugar Factory.  The house on W.Koenig formerly used solely as jewelry designer Sugar Gay Isber's studio and personal home, is now the new showcase for the group of Austin designers.

While the downtown space of the old Cypress Vanguard provided a cute old house feel with a beautiful outside courtyard, the new house allows for more open space and more designs to be displayed.  The central location also adds convenience for potential shoppers and will hopefully expand the newly named Ensemble's clientele.

When a group of totally unique designers with independent aesthetics come together to put on a show, it inevitably turns out to be a bit of a hodge podge.  But, with Sugar Gay Isber's statement necklaces, hair by Ivy Kim, makeup by Lecia Harkins and Coby Simcoe, and Jennifer Cunningham's "frightful" accessories, the show was at least a fun, quirky, and somewhat consistent hodge podge.

Check out my freaky photos from the Ensemble, Austin Indie Designer's Friday the 13th Fashion Massacre.  This first look worn by model Dandilion Olsen was my favorite look of the night.

happEbox purse: ETC Designs
necklace: Sugar Gay Isber

necklace: ByJeannie

"blood" choker: Jennifer <3s Art

necklace: Sugar Gay Isber

happEbox purse: ETC Designs

top: Griot Style

top: Griot Style
jeans: Toombas Jeans

 jewel encrusted hockey masks: Jennifer <3s Art

M.C., host for the night, and designer Jennifer Cunningham wearing her own choker and necklace by Sugar Gay Isber

The new designer collective, Ensemble is located at the Sugar Factory at
1800 W. Koneig Ln.

Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish

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Ah, Austin. Keeping it weird. Great shots!