Thursday, January 5, 2012

Style Profile: Jenny Woys

Sequins, Polka dot, leopard print, and lace all in one outfit?  If one person can pull it off, it's Jenny Woys.  Jenny's fashion risk taking always makes me smile when I see her out and about in Austin.  With her expressive and creative style, the transport from Michigan says her fashion choices usually distinguish her from everyone else far more in her hometown of Sagitaw than it does in Austin.  This distinction is a good thing though, Jenny says.  "My entire family is from there, but I can't say there's anything really fashionable about it."  If the Michigan town was not an inspiring scene fashion-wise, how did Jenny become so fascinated with fashion?  If such a things exists, Jenny believes she inherited the style gene from her grandmother who used to sing in night clubs and sew her own beautiful clothes.  For the record, I do think this gene exists and I do think Jenny inherited it.

When she's not putting together her own outfits, Jenny works on the major fashion accounts for Adlucent, a fun online advertising company located in the old movie theater on South Congress.  Jenny also does personal styling for private clients and has worked on projects with Megan Summerville, Tracy Tenpenny, L Style G Style, and Ricky Hodge, to name a few.  In addition to styling, Jenny has also experimented with sewing and crafting outfits and costumes under the name Trendvixen.  You might have caught her and Hunter Lohse's unofficial and underground fashion show during Austin Fashion Week last year which was a big accomplishment for the fashion duo, Champagne Derelicts.

Although their So F*ing Haute Fashion Show, in which Jenny showed some of her own Trendvixen pieces was a success, Jenny says designing has absolutely made her realize that styling is her true love and talent.  Although someday, with a little help, Jenny says she wouldn't mind producing a fashion line.

Check out the photos from our shoot and my Q&A with one of the gals who is keeping Austin stylish:

Photography by Waytao Shing

My Q&A with Jenny:

How do you describe your personal style?

The first word which comes to mind when describing my style is "eclectic."  I don't think I have just one favorite type of dressing; one day I'll go a little more bohemian, the next I might be very modern, and the next I might wear something super romantic and kind of gothic.  I love so many different styles and types of clothing, and I think it's lovely to be able to change my look based on what I feel like expressing day to day.  I think people like my style because they never know exactly what to expect.  
Who is your number one favorite style icon?

Lady Gaga.  It's a little crazy since she's only 25, but she has no boundaries.  I greatly admire that!  She's really opened up a lot of doors for stylists to take much bigger risks in the fashion world.  One day, I would love to style her.  I have no idea what I'd put her in...and that scares and excites me at the same time!

What's one accessory you think all women should have in their closet?

For accessories, I think that nothing brings a plain outfit to life more-easily than a statement necklace.  You can wear a bold, crazy necklace with any outfit, and people will always compliment you on it.  So easy!  For clothing, I think that a classic, tailored blazer is a must-have.  It's such a basic, simple piece that will never go out of style!  I have a gray boiled wool blazer from Madewell I bought a couple of years ago, and it continues to be one of my favorite pieces.  Ever.

Have you always considered yourself a stylish person? Do you have any embarrassing style moments? 

No, I haven't always considered myself a stylish person.  Especially when I was younger and my mom dressed me...yikes.  Let's just say she definitely cut my sister's and my hair into mullets at some point; she still vehemently denies this.  It's funny, because, I think I really started to develop my own sense of style when I stopped taking fashion advice from my family (sorry, mom!).  When I was maybe 13 or 14, I finally realized that other people's opinions about what I should wear actually weren't better than what I personally thought.  At that point, I started to develop my own style.

If you could do a style makeover on one person who would it be?

Ke$ha.  I don't think an explanation is really necessary here.  That girl is a mess.

Favorite local Austin boutiques?

Dog + Pony, Gallery D, Moss, Feathers, Charm School Vintage

What's your favorite thing about fashion in Austin?

The acceptance and reactions from other Austinites.  I love going out and dressing in my own style, because people always notice.  I'm never complimented more than I am in Austin, and I find that to be really energizing.  When other people are supportive and receptive of out-of-the-box fashion, it inspires people like me to take more risks and to continue doing what we love.

Your least favorite thing about fashion in Austin?

It's too casual.  People here easily slip into the habit of wearing flip flops and sweat pants as a daily uniform, and that is a dangerous, slippery slope!

Joanna Wilkinson
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