Monday, December 13, 2010

Fir is Murder

"What'd you kill?" Said my sister as she opened the door to my car to find my fur and suede coat strewn across the back seat.  No I have not been hunting lately.  Or ever really (except that time my dad taught me how to shoot prarie dogs at our ranch when I was like 12...)  I bought this vintage coat at Uptown Modern a few months ago back when it was nowhere near cold enough to wear.  But how could one resist the awesomeness of such a coat priced around $100 in perfect condition and that fits like a glove.  Plus, because this coat is made of real leather and fur, it's actually very warm.

Contrary to how it may appear from these photos, I'm not a supporter of real fur.  I mean, if I was a cave woman hunting for my food I wouldn't think twice about wearing the skin of the bear I just killed, but, I am not a cave woman.  However, because this coat is vintage, I don't really feel bad about wearing it.  It already exists so I might as well wear it, right?  Is that wrong?  I really hope I don't get P.E.T.A. people knocking on my door tomorrow (seriously, those people are crazy).

I wore this outfit the other night to pick out a Christmas tree with my family and then to the opening party of MOSS.  Fur was a big trend amongst the crowd at MOSS, but I'm pretty sure most of the fur wearers were sporting faux fur.  How do y'all feel about real fur?  What about real Christmas trees?  Seeing all those "murdered" trees next to my fur coat was an interesting parallel.  Is a fake tree better or worse for the environment? Hmmm...

Dress: I can't remember for sure but I think Anthropologie
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Ring: SoLa
Necklace: I made this!

Photography by my mom :)

This is the kinda thing that happens when my brother and I hang out:

keep austin stylish


LT said...

I bought a vintage rabbit fur coat this season. I feel the same way about vintage fur. Now if I could just find a place to get it cleaned...

Unknown said...

I've got around 10-15 pieces of vintage/secondhand fur....and people always look at me weird/disgustedly but I personally think recycled fur is ok...

...and btw, it's funny how you mentioned real christmas trees are murdered trees because I was just talking about that with Tim the other day. Totally unnecessary when you could just get a plastic/silk one that you reuse every single year!

6roove said...

amazing coat!

I must say recycled fur is nothing wrong!

hugs :)
Watching the waves

joanna said...

@Diya This is the first year that I actually thought about how bad it is that we cut down all those trees. But I have to admit that I love the tradition my family has of picking out a real Christmas tree. And they make the house smell like Christmas!