Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

"New Year's Eve equals sparkly shit."  This is what I told my friend on the phone while standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear to his New Year's Eve party.  "I saw a girl at HEB wearing so many sequins she looked like she was in a marching band" he responded.

The funniest thing about wearing this "sparkly shit" the night of New Year's Eve is that the next day you inevitably wake up from a night of drinking looking like a _____.  (fill in the blank options include: crack whore, homeless gay man, drunk dancing queen).

Here's what I looked like getting home this morning:

Messy hair that smells like campfire. Check.
Giant sunglasses to shield eyes from any and all light. Check.
Borrowed t-shirt with ridiculous graphic print from 1994. Check.
Designated sparkly item in the form of a sequin skirt from Goodie Two Shoes.  Check.
Awesome fringe boots I got for Christmas from Stella Says Go.  Check. 
Horrible taste in mouth.  Check.

bonus points if you spotted my dog Boo in this photo

keepin it real in 2011

keep austin stylish


Patrick said...

She might have actually been in a marching band, judging by the hat with the huge feather in it she was wearing. Either way she looked great.

joanna said...

I want a hat with a huge feather in it!!

oomph. said...

looks like goot times, lol! love the look.

Stella* said...

haha I love it! You still look great the morning after. I had a very similar new years morning :)

Rachel Core said...

love that skirt and those boots!