Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outfit: South by South Mess

Here I am at the end of the last night of SXSW looking a little disheveled.  I left the Samsung presented Perez Hilton party early to go eat at Magnolia Cafe because I was tired and starving.  I bought this green skirt at the American Apparel Flea Market in the Austin Convention Center the day before.  The skirt had a weird spot on it but it was discounted down to only $8 so I took it home and washed it and the spot came out!  Of course the next morning I immediately spilled something on it after having it on for approximately 5 minutes.

vintage top: Blue Velvet  
skirt: American Apparel Flea Market
belt: SoLa
bracelet: bought in Taiwan
antique ring: K.Flories Antiques in Ft.Worth
bag: SoLa 

keep austin stylish


Nathan said...

I don't think you look a mess at all! I'm so happy that we ran into you downtown when we were scouting for the street style blog and that you let us take your photo! I even made a new tag based on your outfit that I have a HUGE bias towards: polka dots!

amy said...

OMG. I hate it when I comment and google thinks I'm Nathan. It's just because I log in to his analytics and then when I comment on a blog a day or two later, google doesn't recognize me.
The above comment is from AMY.

joanna said...

hahah! I think I could have guessed it was from you :) I guess I don't look like too much of a mess but I think the photos you took of me earlier in the day are cuter! And, I too have a crazy love for polka dots. In fact the day before this outfit I also wore a different polka dotted top. Can't get enough!