Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Store Review: Austin Sin & Style

I have to admit, as curious as I was to see what new boutique Austin Sin & Style had to offer in the style department, I was equally if not more curious to see what the "sin" of Sin & Style would be.  Did y'all know that Fleshlight was invented in Austin?  Do y'all even know what a Fleshlight is?  Kids reading my blog (and my mom) please do NOT google this.

But among the sex toys, masks, and cigars, (yes even the cigars are Austin made) at Sin & Style, there is also a smörgåsbord of locally designed clothing and accessories (more accessories than clothing) that put the style in Sin & Style.  

Because Sin & Style houses only Austin based designers, I can see this boutique quickly becoming a staple of not only the East side, but Austin in general.  The store reminds me a little bit of the South Congress store Parts & Labour... if Parts & Labour went to go party after hours on the East side.  Austin Sin & Style is definitely a unique boutique with a unique selection, and the opening of the new store is perfect timing because I bet out of towners during SXSW will get a kick out of this funky East side shop.

Check out this list of all the local designers you will find at Austin Sin & Style:

Shimmer & Bliss
Lawless Revolution Wear
Bella Lili
T-Shirt Re Volution
Lux Revival
Via Christa
Hippy Thug
Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry

keep austin stylish

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