Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upcoming Event: Make Up's Deadly Cover Up

I started getting interested in natural beauty products last year and I have really stuck with it for the most part (minus the mascara and bold lipsticks).  Way back in June I blogged about some of my favorite natural beauty products, and I am still using them today.  The thought of putting a bunch of chemicals on my face really freaks me out.  If y'all haven't read about the dangers of all the stuff that goes into most of the beauty products out there, then you might want to go to this event on Sunday.  I think this stuff is really interesting (and it's free) so I will most likely be in attendance.

  • Make Up's Deadly Cover Up lecture
  • Reception at W3LL People from 5 - 7pm
    • organic fare, refreshments, eco-makeovers

  • University of Texas, Jester A121A
    • parking available in the Brazos Garage

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  • Sunday Mar. 27
  • 2 - 4pm

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Kelly said...

It's going to be such an informative, and eye opening event with some fun flare as well! Come if you can! This is an important topic everyone needs to be aware of!