Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recap and Review: StyleX

Style has always been a part of SXSW unofficially.  Because southby brings in people from all over the world to Austin, there is always an array of interesting fashion to be seen.  And anywhere music and film go, fashion and style will always naturally follow.  But while past years have seen fashion in the shadows of the music, film, and interactive of SXSW, 2011 marked the beginning of style becoming an official part of the popular festival with StyleX.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from StyleX seeing as it was its first year.  However, I did secretly have high hopes for the event.  I love that fashion is gaining importance in Austin, and I love getting to be a part of the growing interest in style.  So, I was greatly pleased to see StyleX be born, and was also happily surprised at the turnout for the event.  Seeing as no one really knew what to expect of the caliber of the event, there was a pretty decent crowd at StyleX.  My question though after my experience at StyleX is, will the crowd continue to grow next year and will StyleX eventually become as relevant to the regular SXSW festival goers?
There were a few things that StyleX had going for it.  For one, it was free to get in and you didn't have to have a badge.  Secondly, there were merchants not only from Austin, but from all over selling some really neat stuff.  I also really liked that they had musicians instead of models walk the runway during the fashion shows.  But why not incorporate even more of the music part of SXSW into StyleX?  My immediate thought after watching the fashion shows on Friday and Saturday was, why didn't they have bands play live music during the fashion show?  I think this would have been a cool way to bring fashion into the SXSW scene.  I also think it would have made the shows way more fun, especially since the style in the fashion shows at StyleX was kind of lackluster in my opinion.  Most of the outfits that walked the runway looked like street wear, and in fact, a lot of the street wear during southby was actually more interesting than anything in these runway shows.  I know the StyleX fashion shows were limited in what they had to work with since they used only clothing and accessories from the brands that had booths set up, but I still think the styling could have been more interesting.

It would be awesome if StyleX could eventually become Austin's rock and roll type of fashion event, but for now, I think Fashion Freakout holds that title.  For the fashion shows at StyleX next year I suggest and hope they dim the lighting, get some sponsored booze, and amp up the style because I will be coming back next year and I don't want to feel like I am missing out on free beer, tacos, and live music.  Check out my photos from the StyleX fashon shows:

For a full list of the brands that participated in StyleX click here.

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TrophyBoutique said...

Great photos and review. I totally agree...too bright, no drinks, weirdly organized. an totally be better next year!

MaybeThisDoor said...

I so said all this to my friends! Why were the lights sooo bright. How bout a lil showmanshp people. Dimmed lights all around and some spot lights would keep the attention on the models instead of the crowd, which as you pointed out were dressed at times better than the show.But I have faith that Joah will up the anty next year. It was the first one after all and Rome was not built in a day!

L. Michelle said...

I hate that I missed this show due to being out of town, but I am sure that next year will be bigger and better! I have faith in Joah! He's a pretty cool guy.

Micah said...

Thanks for the recap! I was in Dallas and was sad to have missed the event. Awesome photos, girl.