Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Austin needs that New York has

Don't get me wrong, I pretty much think Austin is my fave. I love everything about this town and it's style. However, there are a few things that New York has that I think Austin should have. Here they are in no particular order:

Wouldn't it be amazing if Austin had a fabric store with wall to wall fabric options? The Project Runway contestants and New Yorkers are so spoiled. I could live in this fabric store.

There's pretty much one on every corner and they have so many cute trendy clothes for such a reasonable price. Totally something that Austinites would love. Trust me, you would shop here all the time if there was one here.

Window Displays
Window shopping is a lot of fun in New York. I guess there isn't as much walking here so it wouldn't make sense to have really cool window displays. But it would be nice if we did.

The only Topshop store in the U.S. is in Manhattan and I am really glad I went to check it out. It is a fabulous store with a ton of awesome clothes. It's kind of set up like an H&M so they deceive you with the price because it's not as cheap as H&M unfortunately. But it's super cool and it would be awesome if there was one here, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Luckily they have a really good online store that you can shop.


Stacy said...

I loooooove topshop, and H&M. We need those, baaaad!

Anonymous said...

As a native Austinite since 1960, I hardly ever agree with what people think Austin needs. In fact, I am typically irritated by others helpful suggestions about how Austin could become something different. But you are spot-on, and I couldn't agree more!! Great suggestions for making Austin rock even more.

Anonymous said...

An H&M would be nice. A Uniqlo would rock.

Girl Friday said...

Oh man, I totally agree with everything you said! I live in Houston, so I get to have glimpses of fab displays (Like at the Barney's we have in the Galleria) and we do have a fabric store that has a great variety, but nothing like New York :(