Monday, January 24, 2011

She's Gone Country

Last weekend I went back to my hometown of Ft.Worth, Texas to go to my favorite Ft.Worth event, the Rodeo.  Growing up in Ft.Worth I very rarely ever hung out in the tourist area of Ft.Worth, the Stockyards.  But, I thought it might be fun to show y'all the Ft.Worth street style and shopping in the Stockyards.  When the Rodeo is in town, you see all sorts of cowboys hanging out at places such as the White Elephant saloon and along with that you get to see the awesome cowboy fashion (yes, cowboy fashion).

Before heading over to the Will Rogers Coliseum to see the Rodeo, my Dad and I took a little tour around the Stockyards.  One of my favorite parts of hanging out in Ft.Worth during the Rodeo is that I have an excuse to wear my cowboy hat and cowboy boots (although I wear my cowboy boots all the time regardless.)  The other awesome part is getting to shop at all the antique shops.  If you go to Ft.Worth I highly suggest stopping at the Montgomery Street Antique Mall.  My other favorite shop is K.Flories Antiques, the place where I got my elephant necklace that has become a staple in my wardrobe.

t-shirt: Urban Outfitters
plaid shirt: Goodwill
jeans: 7 for All Mankind at Saks Fifth Avenue
vintage belt: (passed down in my family)
hat: Walmart (bought at age 14)
boots: Cavenders (bought at age 15)
owl necklace: Room Service
bracelet: Taiwan street market
antique elephant necklace: K.Flories Antiques, Ft.Worth
rings: K.Flories Antiques, Ft.Worth

keep austin stylish


Mikael Behrens said...

That stylized bird ring is a neat find!

Cathy Benavides said...

Please don't judge me, but I love a man in wranglers and a cowboy hat! It's nothing something I admit out loud very often, but give me a tall skinny boy in Wranglers, boots and with good manners, and I will swoon. Love your look- it's like very rodeo-appropriate without being country :)

joanna said...

@Mikeal, I should have known you would like that ring! ;)

@Cathy, Don't worry, good manners should make anyone swoon! And thanks :)