Thursday, June 24, 2010

Naturally Beautiful

Around the same time I started this blog I became interested in natural beauty products.  Now, months later, I am sort of obsessed.  But really if you think about it, shouldn't we be "obsessed" with what we put on/ in our body daily?  I think we should.  The stuff we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body, and I don't know about y'all, but I am not a fan of chemicals being inside of me.

Actually, ever since I started this whole natural product obsession I have become hyper sensitive to the smell of chemicals.  Today I walked inside my house after going on a run and I was really grossed out by the smell and then I realized it was because the dishwasher was washing dishes! (I guess I need to get some chemical free dishwasher detergent??)  I am perfectly fine with the smell of garlic being on my hands for hours or even a day affter cooking, but the smell of "clean" bothers me.  Maybe I'm just weird, but hopefully I am not alone here.  Austin is still full of hippies, right?

Here are some skin care/ beauty/bath products that I have come to love.

1)  Tom's of Maine deodorant: I have never been a fan of deodorant, especially antiperspirant!  Remember that whole talk about how antiperspirant might cause Alzheimer's and breast cancer?  Yeah, I don't think these claims have been scientifically proven.  BUT, antiperspirants do have aluminum in them and aluminum in high doses is NOT good for your body to absorb.  Tom's has no aluminum or any other bad crap and it doesn't dry out my skin like those salt crystal deodorants do.

2) W3LL People Nudist Lip Shine:  I have blogged about W3LL People before and especially how I like their Nudist Lip Shine (you can read that post here).  This is sort of like a lip stain/ gloss that contains all natural ingredients that are good for your skin, plus it gives you great color that actually stays on for a long time.  W3LL has a whole lot of other natural cosmetics and skin care products and they are LOCAL.

3) Origins Modern Friction natural dermabrasion: I am a big advocate of exfoliating.  It's great for your skin (especially if you are on the older side and have some lines to get rid of).  After you use this you feel refreshed and your skin illuminates.

4) Avalon Organics shaving cream:  This is not a typical foam or gel type shaving shaving cream.  It basically is like shaving with lotion.  If you are used to using those horrible Skintimate type shaving creams, then this might take some getting used to.  But this stuff is awesome.  It has beta glucan in it which helps repair skin irritation from shaving (this actually works).  It is really moisturizing and they have a fragrance free version which is nice because it doesn't feel like you are shaving with candy gummy bears.

5) South Austin People So.A.P.:  "Strong Enough for a Dirty Hippie, but Weak Enough for a Dirty CEO."  This stuff is locally made from organic vegetable oils.  They have tons of different flavors.  Wait, this is soap...I meant smells.  Although, it's organic, so I guess you could eat it if you had to.  A few smell options are Christmas Love, Lemongrass and Ginger, and Texas Pecan Eucalyptus.  They also have a liquid foaming pump version, as well as a natural doggie shampoo.

FYI, These products are all better for the environment too!

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livin wide said...

the boy and i have been talking about using all natural products in our home as well. we're just waiting for the crap to run out so we can start! thanks for these - there's just something so appealing and attractive about organic products.