Friday, August 5, 2011

Edge Boutique Is On The Edge of Glory and Hangin on a Moment With You

There I was, having a flashback to when I was maybe 10 or so, standing in line in the hot Texas heat waiting to ride the ride at Six Flags that everyone wanted to get on.  But, I wasn't about to get on a roller coaster.  Those days are long gone and rides have been replaced with booze.

I'm not quite sure how what was supposed to be a "soft" opening of the new downtown boutique Edge, became such a crowded scene last night.  But, I guess it's not every day a boutique that specializes in men's clothing and accessories opens up in Austin.  I can count the number of Austin men's boutiques on one hand.  So, maybe it was the allure of something new.  Or, it could have easily been the allure of free drinks (the length of the drink line definitely could be used to support this theory.)  All I know for sure is, the crowd was not there to cool off.  It was just as hot inside as it was out.

On a normal shopping day at Austin's newest mens boutique, you won't find free booze and sweaty patrons.  But, what you will find is...plenty of designer denim from brands like True Religion and Rock Revival, rock n' roll inspired mens jewelry, and graphic tees from brands like Top Ranch.  Although the majority of the selection at Edge has a rocker vibe, a pinch of country twang, and a helping of L.A. inspiration, they also carry some more conservative button ups, and at least one nerdy chic item in the form of a plaid blazer that my eyes kept gravitating towards.

It's not a lot, and of what I saw I was not impressed by, but Edge does also have a few items for women. This includes some purses that I think I was supposed to be impressed by because they were surrounded by photos of famous people carrying them, like Angelina Jolie.

Edge Boutique founders Phillip Solomon and John Goeth


And whether it was "oooh what is she wearing?" or "uhhh what is she wearing?", here's what Austinites were rocking at the Edge boutique opening party:

Edge Boutique is located at 411 Brazos St.

keep austin stylish

P.S. I'm on the Edge, the Edge, the Edge, the Edge, the Edge, the Edge, the Edge! I'm on the Edge of Glory. (You are safe to assume after this party I went straight to karaoke.)

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