Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Outfit: Laundry Day!

I've been doing a lot of laundry lately (even more so than usual.)  I can put together outfits a lot better when everything is clean, otherwise I'm running around my house like this: "Ok I'll wear this dress!...Crap, all my nude colored underwear is dirty! Ok, so nothing white...I'll wear this top!  Where are my strapless bras???"  It's disastrous.  And with Austin Fashion Week starting this weekend I need to have all my clothing options available.

You should be happy to know that all my clothes are currently clean, steamed, and hung up in my closet coordinated by color.  Hey, that's what happens after you work a retail job for a year.  

vintage top: Dog and Pony
necklace: Kendra Scott
shorts: I can't remember where these came from...I think I ordered them from a catalogue like 8 years ago
shoes: DSW

What are you going to wear during Austin Fashion Week??

keep austin stylish

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Jennifer King said...

I love that shirt! I went to Dog&Pony for the first time yesterday and can't wait to go back.