Monday, August 22, 2011

Style Watch: Austin Fashion Week Kick Off 2011

Where: Cowboy Harley Davidson Showroom

When: August 20, 2011

I'm not sure what to say about the style from this night, because there weren't any big trends that stood out to me.  It was honestly kind of a cluster f*ck of outfits.  But I guess that sorta represents Austin, right?  We are just a motley crew of individuals.  I'm totally a fan of weird and unique style...I just wish the outfits from this night had as a group been more stylish.

Some shots of the fabulous vintage beaded bustier from Feathers that I wore to the Kick Off:

I'm trying to do my part.

keep austin stylish


Hipstercrite said...

wow austin. one can never get board of people watching in this town.

BonBon Jewels said...

My favorite was Anslee- she looked amazing! The 'fro must go on. It's too awesome to tame.

Thanks for the great recap! I hated to miss.

joanna said...

haha @hipstercrite, I know! One of the many things I love about this town.

@Micah, yes! That fro was frotastic

Lana Chu said...

Thanks Joanna for your wonderful Style Watch! Love the recap and photos :) ps- You looked GORGEOUS -- no wonder Mr Police Officer gave you a warning for speeding! Hope to see more of your pretty face!

Katy Rose said...

Austin is such a fun and funky town. And this dress... LOVE IT! The pink tulle skirt is so Barbie-style fun. - Katy

Andrea said...

I think that's partly due to the mash-up teams - a random team of individuals, each with their own agenda, = random looks!

Andrea said...

And whoops, that comment was meant to be on the previous post. Anslee looks amazing!