Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One of the Worst Dressed Cities in America

When I heard that Austin was ranked #18 in GQ's Worst Dressed Cities in America list, I laughed.  The GQ article got it all wrong.  According to GQ the "hipster" is to blame for our city's bad style.  But in my opinion, there are some specific elements that have contributed to our poor fashion statements, and they aren't "skin-tight black jeans" and "There Will Be Blood mustaches."  Honestly I don't see anything wrong with either of those things.

Top 10 Reasons why Austin Could Have Been Named Worst Dressed City in America:

10. Pajamas in public
9. Yoga clothes in public (when not actually doing yoga)
8. Improper undergarments worn under clothing
7. T-shirts with funny sayings or comics on them
6. Burnt orange
5. Nike shorts with Ugg boots
4. Nike shorts with tye dyed t-shirts
3. Nike shorts in general
2. Arts and crafts bullshit that you try and pull off as wearable art
1. Flip flops

Why do you think Austin should be on the Worst Dressed Cities in America list?

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Anonymous said...

saw your tweet. wow... i have no words. @cguisada

Anonymous said...

The mass amounts of girls wearing Nike shorts and t-shirts paired with boat shoes or Uggs helps us get this reputation, but I don't think it is warranted. I think Austin has such a unique style, and while I do wish people would dress up more often, I love the laid-back vibe we have.

Glitterati said...

Gah! Back when I was a UT student I could not wrap my head around the swarms of sorority girls with their nike shorts, sperrys and frat party T shirts. It was just...no.

joanna said...

Sydney, I also love Austin's unique style. This blog post was really just to make fun of GQ and ourselves a little bit. I really don't think Austin should have made that list at all.

Ashley said...

Don't forget the heat! It's hard to be a stylish city when layering is impossible.

Nikki Cloud said...

don't forget those gross bare foot running shoes with the toes! i see people walking around in them while shopping

joanna said...

@Ashely, I actually don't think the heat should be an excuse. Yes, layering makes fashion fun. But, you can be just as stylish with a simple dress or shorts and top. I think it's a good excuse to have statement making accessories.

@Nikki, gross! A friend of mine wore those on 6th St. once. Worst idea EVER.

Jess (hellowifeonline.com) said...

I would definitely blame the Greek set for many of these fashion felonies... UGGs should not be worn, period. Especially when it's 107 degrees.

Action Jackson said...

Wearing Nike running shorts outside of the gym or your own home top my list. Uggs and Sperry boat shoes are up there too. The Greeks are responsible for most of Austin's bad fashion.